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Walt Disney versus True Love

One of the biggest, most important and hopefully most beautiful events in a woman’s life is definitely the same matter in my own life. A very good friend of mine, the twin sister of my best friend Kristen, we call her Katharina at this point, has reached this goal to get to her event of a lifetime…she got engaged.

We, Kristen, Serena (one of our best friends, an actual model, not very famous, but absolutely beautiful) and I, regard the amazing ring with envy and wish that the three of us could take her position now, because, let us all be honest from the beginning, she has a prince charming on a white horse. For her, and of course for us too, a dream has come true, just like in a traditional Walt Disney classic, like my all-time favorite ‘the Sleeping Beauty’. A perfect man, a house (they just moved in…and honestly isn’t that just unfair?), an engagement ring, and next year a big, wonderful, white wedding. She has it all, and they even look attractive, both.

Yes, point taken, if someone would really go green with envy, I could hide in the grass and would be seen. But what is it that makes me that jealous, and besides, I really do feel happy for her, I really, really do, but I just ask myself, why I can’t have it all?

As long as I remember, I always believed in a reality of true love brought into being by Walt Disney… the Sleeping Beauty, my first Disney…just a simple kiss and she was his, and he was hers and they both were together…happily ever after. A reality that for the most of us has not just yet happened, and for some of us maybe never will come true.

Sleeping Beauty...A kiss and then the happily ever after

Sleeping Beauty...A kiss and then the HAPPILY EVER AFTER

How imaginable real is this kind of fairy tale/ true love in today’s society really? Is there always someone existing who is meant to be for another one? Someone who is THE ONE, as we know it from our childhood fairy tales?

Every single day of our lives we get confronted with the fact of people finding each other, falling in love, getting engaged, marrying, pledging loyalty, maybe having kids and quicker as any of those happy couples can say ‘Birkin Bag’ they get divorced. Can someone please tell me where there is the romantic part? Am I just blind? Or is romantic really on a dry spell, just like my sex life? I am desperately looking for the traditional three words ‘I love you’, including the seemingly cut out phrase ‘for eternity’, just like we know it from our Jane Austen books, which actually did their part on me being hopelessly romantic and lost in my romantic imaginations on a man being a gentleman and a woman being a lady, with manners and everything, you must have heard of it from your grand grand grand grand parents. I miss belonging to someone until the bitter, lachrymose end, with body and soul, heart and soul, body and love, apart from being disturbed by all his flaws and tics. Where are those times where a man was an obliging, accomplished and complimentary gentleman and a woman a mannerly, always well-dressed and accomplished lady? These times are, unfortunately, so over…and that is what actually hurts my heart. Yesteryears are elapsed and the future, when it comes to matters of love, is definitely not the way it should be.

I want to be in love too, happily in love. I want a man to ask me to marry him and I want a ring as big as a terrestrial globe, or at least a big closet as an engagement gift, just like Carrie Bradshaw. I want this one true everlasting feeling of loving someone, unconditionally and uncontrollably. How many frogs must I kiss until one possible prince appears in my life? It hits a single like me like a bus or a ton of bricks seeing happy couples in love every I go and every I look. It is like an invasion, they are everywhere.

I know, I may sound a little cynical but I really do still believe in real love just like Walt Disney burnt it into my brain when I was a little boy. I never gave that thought up and I would never dare to do it now. And somehow, do not ask me how, I know that somewhere out there he is. THE ONE waiting for me. To capture me in his core-shaking love until the rest of our lives. One day the glass shoe will fit and my prince charming will be right in front of me on his white horse. And then, there is my… HAPPILY EVER AFTER.




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