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the Magic 7 [Part I]: 7 Men you should not have a Date with…

the Magic 7

the Magic 7

1. Mr.IDoNotHaveAnySelfConfidence...this kind of guy is one of the worst cases of men to date. Three words that describe you when it’s all over: Exhausted, damaged and tired. Exhausted, because it takes you every possible strength to tell him every single day how much you like him because if you do not he is sad and asks himself if he is ugly and not worth to live and why you picked him to be your boyfriend. Damaged, because it kills your every nerve to cope with a guy like that every single day, it harms you, really it does. Tired, because he keeps you awake at night talking about his feelings all the time and how bad he feels compared to you and with you on his side, because when he is with you no one ever looks at him. Please, do yourself a favor and keep your hand of such a guy.

2. Mr.ICannotControlWhereIAmLookingAt… I guess that sort of guy is well-known everywhere. Unable to control his eyes he is looking at every ass running around, wanting to grab it as fast as his eyes move…rapid eye movement guy…could be another good name for that kind of man. Beware that his dick is in control of itself because maybe he isn’t just looking but dick-ing in.

3. Mr.IAmTooGoodToBeNiceToAnyone…honestly, mostly really good looking, a model type of guy, who thinks he can afford being rude and unfriendly to everybody. If you do not beware he is probably going to treat you like his cleaning woman, or his cook, or maybe his butler. One of these guys and you think marrying and having kids over, because he needs all your attention on doing his stuff. Keeps you busy all the time.

4. Mr.IComplainAboutEverythingAtAnyTime… not a minute goes by without him complaining about anything you do wrong, or not the way he would do it. He loves to hear himself talking and he talks a lot, above all he loves to try to explain the world to you, how to do this, how to handle that and oh, ‘why did you do it this way, if it is easier that way?’. If you have a father complex he is the right kind of boyfriend for you, because he acts like he is your father. One year with him and you give up all your ‘bad manners’, because this guy is something like a personate approved school.

5. Mr.ICanNeverTakeMyHandsOffOfYou…yes, of course, we like it to be touched, but come on not 24/7. it is exhausting to be touched around the clock just because he is not in control of his own hands. This sort of guys require sex at any time, no matter where you are at the moment, if he gets voluptuous, he touches you without a pause until he gets what he is in desperate need off. Loads of sex. An amount of something you just do not want to give, except if you are a Samantha Jones kind of guy/girl, but honestly, how many people are like that?

6. Mr.WhereHaveYouBeenLastNightWithYour FriendsAndWhatHaveYouDoneAndWhomDid YouSeeAnd…there are those who are not in control of their eyes or their dicks and then there are those who are not in control of their hands, but this one tries to have it all in control, above all…YOU. He wants to know everything about anyone you ever talked to, and he wants to know every name of anyone you know, even if it is just the friend of a friend’s friend and you have only seen him once at a party. Always looking for guys that might take his position, trying to protect you from ‘bad boys’ and telling you not to always go out with your friends, because in his’ jealous eyes it seems you do nothing but going out every weekend. He wishes he could force you to wear sweaters and jeans all the time so nobody can ever see any part of your body, except for him. If you hate to quarrel all the time, do not date such a guy, because all you can do with him is arguing.

7. Mr.IWantYouBecauseYouAreSoLikeMyMother… Yeah, you guessed it, this guy was missing in my list of 7 Men you should not have a Date with. A nice example of a man you probably should avoid. If he compares you to his mother, you know what he truly wants, a woman who cooks, cleans up his mess, washes his clothes and buys his underwear. Be aware that he will always compare anything you are doing to his mother’s way of doing exactly the same thing, but better (in his point of view). You have any amour-propre? Stay away if you do not want to play a mother role for 28 year old man.

Unfortunately, if you consider all my facts and characterization you may never find a proper boyfriend and not even a potential husband, so better make your own experiences, but always keep my list in mind, maybe someday it might be pretty useful for you.




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