the Life, the Love and the Sex of Vienna.

the Tale of the Cheater and the Ache of the Break

It is a wonderful sunny day and right before I am going to throw myself into the city, doing a little bit shopping and enjoying the sun, I have to write my thoughts down about yesterday’s dinner with my best friend Kristen and two other good friends Andrea and Josephine. We have been at a very nice Italian restaurant, where you can choose your sort of pasta to a variety of sauces, but that is actually not the topic. Intrinsically in our group we never kiss and tell, that is why I do hide the real names, so you can never really know of whom I am talking about, even if you do know me.

Nevertheless, as we sat there, the four of us, sometimes being watched by people, because we were, honestly the best dressed people in that restaurant. and three girls and a boy seems to be something revolutionary for the eyes of Vienna’s society. Kristen told us about her new boyfriend Chris (a really nice guy, fits perfectly to her) and the weekend at his grandparents’ house somewhere on the, to my mind, too green and too natural outside of Vienna. Maybe a little bit too early to meet the family, after being together for about two weeks, if you ask me, but as you see, no one asked me, at all.

As she told us every detail she suddenly changed topic and got kind of outraged, what we totally could understand. Truth be told, her ex-boyfriend Brad (a real bastard) cheated on my girl for about one year with another girl that is now his new girlfriend. She is actually a sad little person, I will not tell her name, but I can tell you that: She is short, she looks cheap and her friends, come on, I’m at a loss of words. And now, all of a sudden, the old group, where Kristen and Brad always appeared as a couple tries to integrate her while she just sits in the corner on her telephone and ignores all the others trying to be nice to her. And even if you see her in a club she is the only one never drinking anything, at all, not even a coke or water. So you can see she is a mess. And now, to carry it to the extremes she had the nerve to sniff in my best friends life. She, okay we give her a name, let us call her Jennifer, well, she called a friend of her over in Scotland or Ireland or something else with a land in its name and made her call Kristen to find out if she really has a new boyfriend and if it is this one (it was this one she knew), because she wanted him herself a long time ago. As if it was any of her business whom my best friend now fucks or whatever, and as if it is not enough that she stole her last boyfriend. And no matter what he did, he always pushed the fault away from him to Kristen and that makes me wonder one thing:

Do guys honestly see themselves playing the part of the victim?

Sorry guys, but if you really do cheat on us because you need affirmation that you are an irresistible Adonis or whatever you want to hear from your fucking affair, do not try to tell us, that you are sorry, or that you did not know what you wanted for over a year and that you were weak and so on. Just be straight with us and tell us the truth right from the beginning. We are no puppies that we cannot live without you or would die if it comes to a break or whatever you believe. Brad even said that Kristen is dependent on him. That is so fucking hilarious if you consider the fact that she studies, works and has her own flat at the age of twenty one and he, at the age of twenty something, but definitely over twenty-four, does not study, but has a fulltime job and still lies with his Mum. Men can be so ridiculous.

To all the Women and Men out there who are cheated on, go and let your boyfriends or girlfriends shave their back, you really deserved something better than someone who lies and breaks your heart. Do you want to suffer your whole life? Or do you want to be harmed by a man that has so less self-confidence that he has to fuck a future hooker? NO! Leave him/her and live your life. You can breathe without a person who intends to break your heart into millions of pieces. Yes, truth be told, it may be hard in the beginning, the break up, but you will feel a rush of alleviation when you know that you are free from all the pain your partner caused you and all the fault he simply assigned to you will fall off your shoulders and who knows one day THE ONE crosses your way and you will fall for him and he will sweep you off your feet. If you do break up don’t go back again, that just makes you appear weak and lonely and desperate but if you keep on fighting against the allure of the ex you will get out of this fight as the stronger part and the one ready to take a new chance on love.

Keep on fighting for LOVE and take the chance to be happy, because that is what life and love are about… being happy and smiling.





  wonderrose wrote @

Actually, a friend of mine has a boyfriend and he doesn’t treat her well, i think i will show her this article…



  Mr.StrictlyIntimate wrote @

Well, you should really do that. My best friend broke free from this guy, luckily and now she is in a wonderful happy relationship.

All the best.



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