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Truth be told about a sad little stupid Bitch and how someone can get from Friend to Frenemy to Foe

I know, I have to admit that I did not write in the last time, not because nothing interesting happened but because too much interesting and annoying and stressing happened to me. According to plan our yearly fashion show turned out to be cool and gloriously working perfectly and we only got the best critics.

But the most important and for you interesting thing that had happened to me during the last two weeks of living and breathing and going to university and working and shopping and everything else I was doing I came to a point in live where I had to think over the reality and truth of having friendships and the well known phrase of calling someone your best friend. I called three girls my best friends and now there are only two left, and that is today’s topic for my piece of Sunday.

Actually it is ridiculous that I called this sad little stupid girl one of my best friends, it’s a pity, when you ask me, that I even wasted my time on such a person and now when I sit here in front of my laptop and think about the time passing by I am just capable of smiling an inner smile of knowing too many secrets and shocking things about this little girl. Things that really could ruin her reputation, but who cares, let me tell you the tale of the sad little stupid bitch that I used to call a friend and how easily people can turn from friend to foe.

In our group we actually swear to never kiss and tell, though it is an unspoken vow it is existing, but well, she deserved nothing else and according to the fact that she isn’t a member of our group anymore I kiss and fucking tell as much hot gossip as I want. I always tried to be nice to her and listen to her, but somehow I got tired of listening and talking to her because the only three topics she was capable of talking about were herself and ‘she, herself and her’. Two years of going through the motions and emotions and quarrels and discussions and thinking ‘why on earth am I wasting my precious time on such a dumb girl?’.

Let me tell you the hottest gossip about her because I cannot wait on screaming it out. Natasha (that’s what we call her at this point) was actually a very, very, very, very plain girl. She was dumb according to the definition of being dumb and she oh gosh, how to explain, was not just dumb but incredibly silly that you cannot even describe it in words. Three times in less than two months she had to take the morning-after pill to avoid pregnancy because, (though I told her about two hundred times that she either has to let the guy use a condom or take the birth control pill, she neither took the first nor the second advice and really how mentally disabled can someone be that this happens to you three times in less than two months) she let someone fuck her without any contraception. The only prevention of pregnancy for this girl would be taking the pledge, just lock her in a room and throw away the key. Naturally I was the one who went to the gynaecologist with her and still she is fucking without prevention.

I remember, now that I am in front of the computer thinking about the times that passed, one time we were at her aunt’s flat (her aunt was on vacation, so we were free to use her flat) and she came up with the idea of finding a money-pig on the internet. For those, who are absolutely not aware of what that is (and I admit that I did not know by myself at that point) I am giving you a little explanation. Money-pigs are men, mostly old, strange men, that have the perverse affection on going shopping with a woman and paying for everything as long as she is willing to wiper dirty stuff in his ear, because that gets him hot and gives him one hard-on after another. She actually really got obsessed with finding such a guy because to her there is nothing more important than having a man that pays it all. yes, she is superficial and yes, I thought that was weird, above all, because one evening she gave me a call and told me that she might have found someone but he is only willing to pay about 500 Euros. No man should fall for that girl, because she only stays at your side if you are rich and paying for everything and if you happen to suddenly have no money left she leaves you left in the rain.

To Natasha friendship means making her expensive presents when she celebrates her birthday and paying the taxi or the dinner or everything else. Her last birthday was actually quite funny, except for the fact that three of our friends dared to only give her a DVD (Sex and the City: the Movie… a great film) and a Chanel lipstick. Unbelievable isn’t it? I dare say unbelievable that she complained about that. She really said to me that she is not giving them any present at all because they only got her a DVD and a little piece of Chanel and for Natasha this was definitely too less to be count. To my mind it was way more than she really deserved.

And the best of all she had a nose job three weeks ago. Her nose was not the prettiest and she felt ugly and so she went to daddy and he gave her the money, but not for a cosmetic surgeon in Vienna but for one in Hungary. I told her not to do that in Hungary but she did not listen to me and so she drove all the way down there to get her nose done and well it was done quite okay. It actually does not look very different to her nose before, and that is not just my opinion.

I wish I could just take a picture in my laptop and get in online for you to see the sad little girl, that stupid girl I am talking about, but well, I guess this would mean she could sue me for libel but the world loves me and I think of leaving it at that.

So my advice: be aware that at any time any friend can get from friend to frenemy to foe. Watch out and stay with me.




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