the Life, the Love and the Sex of Vienna.

The inevitable Truth about Sex or at least my Opinion on a Topic that is Way too Present

First of all, I truly and deeply have to apologize for being so unbelievably erratically writing my posts and entries but I have to tell you that a lot is going on in my life right now, and not half of it is as bad as it may sounds. Except from still looking for my Mr.Right I have been attending several parties, including Fête Blanche, one of the sharpest and most beautiful parties taking place in every Austrian province, and a demonstration, actually it was more like a big party (the Rainbow Parade), but in mind it actually should be a demonstration against discrimination of homosexuals and fighting for equal rights, equal opportunities, tolerance and a civil union. Most of the people there do not really think of it as a way of speaking out loud against discrimination but having a big, free party with loud music, fancy dressed people and a colorful environment. I have been there for exact half an hour, because to my mind it was all a lot too gay and too less politically influenced.

So I have been there for about half an hour, saw and kissed people I actually neither wanted to see, nor wanted to kiss and well, the only cold comfort was that my best friend Kristen has been there with me and was absolutely of my opinion about the gay community pushing themselves to be a marginal group by such festivities like the Rainbow Parade or several gay parties, that are actually more about finding someone to fuck that fighting for your right to have equal rights to heterosexuals. And all I wonder is: Is the only present thing in today’s society really being presented on a bed with your legs in the air? Why do people seem to care care more about the fucking than than the living?

I cannot see a reason why sex has to be that omnipresent in our modern society. No matter where you go, no matter what you do, there is nt a second without someone bringing up the issue of having sex and about the presence of sex. Well, yes I like sex, of course I like being fucked and everything else around the main theme of having sex, but come on, is it not enough that this is an actual omnipresent issue between two people whether the have a relationship or not? Do we necessarily have to have it in front of our faces all the time? It is like we are running around with dicks and vaginas in front of our faces and that is every thing everyone sees when they are looking at us. And all they think about is how fuckable you are and really do you want to be thought of as a fuckable person or an unfuckable person? Seriously, I don’t, but that is unfortunately what guys are about. Either they want to fuck you or they don’t, and being reduced to such a presumptuous and pubertal admeasurement is a little bit too less to get me into bed.

Well, I am going to tell you a little story about me and the wonderful world of dating guys that only think about two things, and we all know what that is: getting us to give head and then turning us around to fuck us until they cum and we lie there glorifying their God-like being and sperm. Guys, really, you are neither God nor a creation that is similar to such a thought, whether you believe in Him, or not. And your sperm is not the juice of joy and glory for a gay guy or a woman, actually, mostly it is a juice full of obnoxious taste and gross fantasies. And guys do fantasize a lot about their own sperm, in fact, too much for my taste.

Rational and emotionally detached I would advise guys one thing: try to suck a man’s dick and swallow his cum, and you will realize how it tastes to us.



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