the Life, the Love and the Sex of Vienna.

the Personal Fight with a Term called Life

Life…well, you know, life is a funny thing actually. Tricky. Trashy. And sometimes totally uneasy. But it is also adventurous, funny and if you know the right kind of people, sometimes quite perfect.

It is not the joy of having it all that counts, but also the matter that life is a term of development, crisis, working hard  and most of all changes. No human being can grow up to be himself or herself without changes. Changing your personality by growing up. Changing your point of view by seeing things through different angles. And changing by becoming acquainted with the most inconvenient and unavoidable feeling of all times. Hurt.

People use to say, what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger and honestly, that is exactly what I can tell you, personally. To be hurt, is an emotion you will never ever forget. It is something that will guide you through your ways of growing up and finding the path and of course, the real love. From a painful event you can learn more than from a happy one. Something that makes you contented is inevitably beautiful, of course, but it is not what really forms your character, your personality, your psyche and your view on a variety of things.

the Battle with a Term called Pain

the Battle with a Term called Pain

It is not only the ache of the break of a heart after a relationship I am talking about. It is also finding out that the ones you used to call friends aren’t as reliable and honest as you may have thought. It is finding out, that your father is not your real one. It is finding out you suffer from a disease that will cause you to be strong and fight even harder. It is losing someone you truly loved, by an accident, by a sickness or simply by breaking the connection because it was inevitable.

You can only survive such happenings through learning by them. Staying strong. Fighting. And never forget who you really are and above all who you want to be one day.

I am with you, in your thoughts and in your heart and I will keep the memory of fighting right there where it belongs. In your brain. Perpetual. Because only the strong will survive.




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