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Interpretations of the Fashion Industry by a Fashion Victim

The Bible… an opus created by human beings, whom you trust, whom you believe, whom you count on and who deliver the newest fashion trends and ‘No-Go’s’ every single month on more than about one hundred pages and  guarantee that what they write persuades thousands and thousands of women and men to buy things they actually do not need but must have. Of course I am not talking about the religious Bible, the driest and most misleading book of world history, which confronts us with the eternal question ‘What is actually NOT a sin in front of God’s eyes?’. No, I am talking with the greatest veneration of my personal Bible, the Vogue.

Drew Barrymore on the Cover of Vogue, April 2005: Fashion is deeply connected to Art

Drew Barrymore on the Cover of Vogue, April 2005: Fashion is deeply connected to Art

Ironically people tend to say about me that I am very easy manipulable but in reality this ‘Fashion It-Piece’ taught me to not trust a people’s opinion too easily and that I do not necessarily have to remain my belief on the fact that someone’s ideology does not automatically have to mine, just to be trendy. Vogue made me question things, situations, different behaviors and the value of materiality. It made me see things from a different angle, free, untroubled and it taught me to not take myself too seriously and behave too perfectionisticly because the world itself is serious enough and society is anyway too embossed to never lose track of sobriety.

Vogue is not about haphazardly buying what a magazine writes about but exactly the opposite. In fact it shows us to regard something critically, developing your own view to pick out those things desirable that do not just possess market value but a personal value as well.

Loving yourself is one of the most important feelings in the world, because someone who is not able to take himself to one’s heart will always block out other people’s emotion.

Wasting an amount of money unnecessarily for absurd shopping trips is not what my personal Bible wants to convey but rather developing the ability to see the best sites of life, to enjoy them and to shine from the inside out. Living life and indulging yourself in something that you deserve, you work for and that makes you happy.

I am not trying to glorify a Fashion Magazine or persuading people to being liable to shopping sprees. I want to show that human interpretations and the whole characterization of skepticism often lead too quickly and too easily to making wrong decisions, which leads people to believe the fashion industry is only all about the appearance of superficiality and the multiplying of money and the connected capitalism.

Fashion as Symbol for the Vicissitude of Life and the Glory of Time

Fashion as a Symbol for the Vicissitude of Life and the Glory of Time

But I am loving so much different values and abilities of the fashion world… the value of giving a human being the feeling of being someone special, showing, that every one existing in this world has beauty. I love the ability of fashion of underscoring and accentuating the natural elegance of a human being. Accompanying it, softly painting the lines as if you are drawing a fragile water color, just like Monet did kiss his famous water lilies.

Values and abilities a lot of people are not aware of but nevertheless are existing and for myself, showing every single day, that fashion is by all means not just my passion, but in fact my life.





  peek-a-boo wrote @

I agree wholeheartedly with almost everything you say except that Vogue is no longer my ‘bible’.When it started incessantly using celebrities instead of models on the covers I woke up to the superficiality of its doctrine.To speculate,manipulate and dictate in a cleverly disguised and feverish sales pitch.I’ve stopped my subscription to American Vogue and now just browse through an issue before deciding if its worth buying.Maybe its the sign of the times…I don’t know but there’s such a choice of magazines now that my once beloved Vogue has become sadly one of Cinderella’s ugly sisters.I don’t mean to be harsh but I do believe that Vogue needs to re invent itself and stop glorifying photoshopped celebrities every month.I don’t want Anne Hathaway or Cate Blanchett or that hideous Kate Hudson to tell me how to dress.I prefer Daria or Stam or Gisele or Daul or Sigrid or Alek inspiring me.
Would you like to see the return of real models on Vogue covers?

  Mr.StrictlyIntimate wrote @

First of all, thank you very much for your comment. Actually I totally agree with your opinion on the Covers. I definitely would turn back to feature models on the Covers of Vogue, just like they still do in Germany mostly. That is an increasing problem caused by the omnipresence of Hollywood and the mass media.
That is why I want to be Editor in Chief of Vogue on day, because it needs to be re-designed and re-invented, a little bit more back to the roots than flying with the mass.


  Daniel, wrote @

Do you not feel it’s lost its way of late? More-so the US edition than the European publications.

  Mr.StrictlyIntimate wrote @

I actually am of the opinion, that it needs some kind if reinvention, because it has lost is way from a traditional lifestyle fashion magazine to a lifestyle hollywood fashion magazine. More the Us editions, as you said, that the European ones, but it somehow affects the whole Condé Nast concern.

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