the Life, the Love and the Sex of Vienna.

the Bitch eats Humble Pie and I…Smile

Some people really do have shit inside their head instead of brain. Sorry, if there are any guys out there who might think this is resonated with them, calm down, I am talking about a girl called Natasha, the one I wrote about before, actually the one I dedicated a whole entry to. Title? Truth be told about a sad little stupid Bitch and how someone can get from Friend to Frenemy to Foe. And let me tell you this: she is the saddest little bitch I have ever met in my life.  Hand over my heart, I love to be bitchy and fucking honest, and that is what that nasty slut deserves.

You may wonder, why I am so upset right now and kind of pissed of, well, easy to explain. I sat in my office, wrote an article and did not even waste a thought on N. when suddenly my BlackBerry rang. And what name did I read on the screen? N. P. And my first thought happened to be ‘is she eating humble pie?’. Well, actually in some ways she was, because she symbolized with the question she was about to ask me, that she needed me to abide her social life. How pathetic.

the Bitch eats Humble Pie

the Bitch eats Humble Pie

‘Robert? How are you?’, was her question in her usual high pitched voice that annoys me deeply. I say: ‘Well, quite Okay. I’m in the office.’ I think: ‘What’s up bitch?’. ‘Am I bothering you right now?’, she asked, in a completely innocent inflection, as if she did not remember what happened between the two of us. I say: ‘What do you need?’. I think: ‘Constantly’. ‘You know? I wonder if you could do me a little favor?’, she said as if we were still the best of friends and she could get me to do everything for her. I say: ‘Uh mhm, what?’. I think: ‘I knew you would give up, stupid slut. Brown-nose me’. ‘I thought about going at Passage tonight, I wondered if you will be there. Well, nevertheless, I did not get in last night, without paying and I thought maybe you could call G. and fix me on the guest list, so I do not need to pay, that would be so delightful’, she said, seemingly thinking I am that mentally retarded that I really would do that, because she is oh so wonderful. Wrong baby bitch, very wrong. You have to learn a lot to become the major bitch of this town. I say: ‘Definitely not’, and hang up. I think: ‘Strike’.

I dropped the BlackBerry softly on my desk, turned back to my laptop and just thought ‘never even think about messing with me’. I smiled. I looked out the window. I am happy. Definitely a good day.

How was yours?




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