the Life, the Love and the Sex of Vienna.

Covers, Books and hidden Secrets?

Have you ever thought about life as your own book and yourself as the cover? Fulfilled word by word until you got another chapter of life that is either sad or happy, or both, alternately.

You know, some books are alternate classics, such as William Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ or one of my most favorite books, ‘Pride and Prejudice’ by Jane Austen. Those classics survive ages and centuries without alteration, of course, but never without being interpreted in a new way. And some books out there are just temporary. Easily written, frantically on the market, highly sold and shortly after the rise not even bought at a reduced price.

Did you ever think about what kind of book you would be? Title? Genre? Number of Pages and Chapters? Language? Did you ever spend a single minute on a thought like this? Yes? No? Maybe?

When I walk through the streets of my Vienna I look at people carefully, watch them secretly and try to observe them completely. It is on one hand very interesting to see all those different kind of people and to investigate them, but on the other hand it is actually just the judging of a cover without reading the whole book. Hand over my heart I never used to mind about superficiality, because if we all are true to ourselves we have to admit that we all judge. Well, I use to say ‘I do not judge, I assess!’, and actually, I think I do. Every time I point something out it is more out of judgment and full of true and honest ascertainment. Throughout my life I have learned to be completely straight with everyone. I always say what I think, because in my opinion honesty counts, above all.

People judge and people gossip, that’s an unuttered law. But why should they not? In times of freedom of speech you can say whatever you want. Express yourself and if it is necessary to feel free hurt other people’s feelings but be honest with everything you say to everyone you say it. You can’t make friends with lies and you can’t make someone love you for yourself by lying at him. Love is bound to truth, unconditionally. That is an unbreakable law. When it comes to love, there should be no hiding in a shell. Step out and speak out!

Any Secrets to hide? Any Lies to tell?

Any Secrets to hide? Any Lies to tell? Behind her Eyes her Secrets Lies!

But back to books, my life in some ways. We all write the book of our life, our bible, actually, in a literary sense. It is our own evolutionary process of growing up, turning from an innocent child to an adult full of sins and secrets. But it is this secret hidden life that makes our lives so special and interesting. It is all you can’t see on the outside that people want to know. They do judge a book by a cover, but they want to read the book, mostly, but to be true, only the shocking and scandalous parts. Why I know? Because I am describing myself right now. My thoughts and my experiences. Everyone wants to know what lies behind the public face, because there you can find your most interesting gossip topic.

I do judge. And I can tell it straight without shame. Can you?

God save the public and the private face!





  L wrote @

Well Mr.StrictlyIntimate,

I must confess I have often considered what sort of book I’d be in great depth. To the extent I am sure I would be a novella; sweet and short. Epic and iconic, the kind you buy just to look good on your bookshelf – another cult classic.

It’d be a cross between the Great Gatsby and Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Tragic, sweet and meaningful at the same time.

The cover would be leather bound or a plain Penguin classic paperbook, I’d like the juxtaposition of the legendary content to a plain cover. It’d be classy and tasteful, I would like to think the cover would be modest and understated – the book bought for it’s content not the cover.

But then again I’m exalting myself, but my life is an open book – an empty book, full of potential.

  Mr.StrictlyIntimate wrote @

Dear L.

wonderful words full of passion and wisdom. I am pretty sure you would be a very classic and beautiful book full of mysteries and secrets and I guess sins too.


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