the Life, the Love and the Sex of Vienna.


N. and Mr.SI sitting on a bench peacefully. R. in between the two of them so they won’t suddenly jump up and  scratch each other’s eyes out. Is this just the calm before the hurricane or are they BFF’s again? Doubt the second one.

N. dressed in cheap linen Capri shorts and a fake Chanel necklace she got from our beloved friend V. you know, the male Bitch who talks behind everyone’s back. At least her Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag is real! How I know? Well first, because I can smell a fake purse in a distance of 200 square kilometer and second, I was buying it with her. It was the day she told her father her Mum had serious money problems so he gave her 1000. Well, it was a lie, obviously. Oops. Did I tell a secret here? Don’t care he won’t read this until I am sending him the address of my Blog. And her mother too! We don’t want her to miss anything, do we?!

You know I aim for social destruction after she did to me to ruin my reputation but fact is I know way too much of her than to stay quite. My Pride is hurt, I guess you understand that. By the way she knows nothing, because I never told her anything. Finally, she was nothing more but a means to the end and everybody loves me and strengthens my back.

Watch out N.! Because if you don’t, I will take you down behind your back and you will only notice it when it’s too late and you face yourself crying and begging me to take the friendship back. Socially… you are down girl. And the two of us are so over!



P.S.: You know what they say, ‘Revenge is sweeter than you ever were’. I am waiting for your turn. Boohoo.



  L wrote @


When will N learn, she needs to know the basic principal every human is automatically programmed with.

Play with fire and you will get burnt.

I don’t quite think she knows what she has got herself into. She will learn and the quicker, the better. It goes unsaid the dodgier the rise, the quicker and more brutal the fall and I don’t think anyone is going to be there to catch her. She’s going to get her comeuppance and I sense very soon.

Good luck bringing N down, not that you need it!

x o x o

  Mr.StrictlyIntimate wrote @

I guess N. will never learn. That’s the problem with naive people, they never ever learn their lessons well, but I will definitely show her how it’s done.


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