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Let go of the Old and Welcome the New…or simply Cleanse your Karma sometimes…or just Screw Karma!

Sometimes in life there comes a certain time when you have to let got and get rid of all the old that’s still weight upon your shoulders and prevents you from welcoming the new. It’s not only the past that hangs over you like a shadow and seems not be removed in any way, but it is also the particular experiences and happenings that can haunt you a lifetime if you do not try to get over them as soon as possible. You know things that haunt you can ruin your life, entirely. Getting rid of old, passed away emotions means pealing your worn out skin off and kind of starting a new chapter in life. Chapters that fulfill your book of life steadily.

The process of regeneration is a healing one when you attain a specific state where you get over all the pain and speak yourself free from tears and hurt caused by someone in particular or some events that occurred and left over a bitter aftertaste. It is hard to reach this state because you first have to face all the pain and struggles that you went through again. But this time, to attain the state of healing and cleansing you have to deal with your emotions and analyze them to completely handle them for now and for the future, because such a process assures you of dealing with upcoming situations that are similar easier and faster, and above all you get a view that is more impartial and emotional detached.

don't let Karma screw you, screw Karma!

don't let Karma screw you, screw Karma!

So maybe I start with cleansing my Karma from bad influences by confessing a few things. Well, maybe. But to be true that is SO out of question. I have a bad Karma but who cares?! I love to lie a bit, but more I love to tell the unsparing truth about all the people around me. I enjoy bad Karma when I see how I can convey people I hate and condemn onto the road of social destruction, mostly by social suicide, because I prefer to let all the fault fall off of me. On the outside I am a good person, perfectly mannered, always preppy behaving and always well dressed, but that is the obvious shape everyone sees because all that people really want to see is a superficial state of perfection and sophistication. Who the fuck cares if I am bad? As long as everyone thinks I am perfect, I don’t give a damn. People better not mess with me because I can be an unbelievable and unimaginable Bitch, swear to God.

Screw Karma and care about the real things in life. Cleanse your head from all you’ve done wrong or all others did to you and never forget what History tells us: ‘Payback is a Bitch!’ and we all can be great Bitches.

You can learn a lot here, just stick with me and I show you the rules of leading your life and society. You are what counts and not what others want you to be. Follow your dreams and be true to yourself, but really, be only completely honest to yourself because you can’t trust anyone out there.

Love Life. Love Me.



P.S.: N.? That phone call today must be a joke. haven’t you learned anything by now?



  peek-a-boo wrote @

Hello R.
Off topic but are you okay? I hope you’re feeling well. Not that I want to dramatize the situation but I see your blog hasn’t moved. Take care. Bis bald.

  Mr.StrictlyIntimate wrote @

Thank you peek-a-boo, for your nice message. Indeed I have been a little bit weak in the last time, because of a serious situation I might talk about soon, but I have been attending a wedding too and I wrote about that today, maybe you take a look. Hope you are alright.


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