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Vienna Fashion Week ’09 – 1st Day – If I would have wanted to see Prada I would have gone shopping to a Prada Store to see the Original Designs – Please! get your own Ideas

Vienna Fashion Week '09

Vienna Fashion Week '09

It was the first day and I expected it to be fabulous. Actually I thought it would be THE event of the year. Well, I can say one thing – it was interesting and I looked good – I really did. I even did get compliments, so I guess this is a good sign. But back to the first Fashion Week in Vienna.

There have been three types of people there. Those, like myself, who are totally interested and into the fashion scene and know everything about any designer. Those, who pretend to be interested and in the end sitting in the second row and looking as if falling asleep any second. And those who obviously just wanted to say one day that they have been at the 1st official Vienna Fashion Week although they do not have anything in common with the words fashion, fashionable and style – believe me – some of them looked indescribably and indefinably awkward. But let’s talk about the actual topic of fashion week…


The 1st Day – 6 different Designers – 6 different Styles and 1 ultimate problem. I kind of had the feeling that four of these six hardly had their own ideas – in clear words – COPY was printed on their collections obviously for everyone that knows a bit about fashion.

Ep_Anoui – ‘Toxicity’ was the name of her Summer 2009 collection and besides soft colours and a variety of layers, I could not see the toxicity in her designs. Though I have to admit that the collection was very beautifully made and above all very good manufactured. Some of the models definitely ruined the look – if I can’t walk, I just don’t! This is a show about reputation and not about destroying the career of an upcoming designer by choosing a horrible model.

Ulliko – Her designs are purism in its most fashionable ways. A collection that stunned and surprised me, both at the same time. She kept a perfect balance between her collection colors – white, black and red. A wonderful mix between casual, business and evening couture. I just loved it.

Callisti – One of the most famous designers in Vienna. Actually I am acquainted with her, and though I like her personally, beside the fact that her face looks more botoxed than Cher’s, I have to say, that her collection failed completely to my mind. She simply took pieces she already showed two years ago and added some others with gross materials that looked like my grandmother’s curtains.

Gina Drewes & Tiberius – 2 Designers, 1 collaboration and a big failure. It seemed that out of a fear of failing because of a lack of ideas the two of them mixed up their designs and the result? Was a mixture of copying Hermès, Prada , Vivienne Westwood and Heatherette. Please…that is pretty lame!

Michel Mayer – or aswell Jil Sander. Why that? If you would have seen this collection you would have thought you are at New York Fashion Week watching a Jil Sander show and that is not a compliment. That is a damn lame way of trying to get rich and famous. That is not about fashion, that is all about copying.

Edith A’Day & AND_I – my absolute Highlight of this day full of fashion. A collaboration that worked through and through. Marvelous feminine designs full of vulnerable and beautiful cuts. Plissé. Pastel colors. Everything just worked out perfect. And even more because of the fact that this was a 15 piece collection, so they concentrated on quality than quantity. And that is what fashion is about.

All in all I can say, I had kind of a funny 1st Fashion Week Day, but it goes on and on and I will keep you updated. So stay tuned and watch out for the hottest Gossip and the best insights into Vienna Fashion Week ’09.





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