the Life, the Love and the Sex of Vienna.

the happy Issue – or all about life, success and love!

After a longer discussion with someone personally unknown over the Internet and topics such as my personal love life and why I do not date at the moment, or why I just want to concentrate on my career than my love life I made the decision to write about my thoughts and why I do think that at the moment love will have to wait over the life I work hard for. Some of us do not only see a sense in leading the perfect relationship and choosing the partner’s life over the personal one. Isn’t it kind of sad that people still believe that you have to be in a relationship to gain happiness? Though it is actually more satisfying to be able to fulfill dreams you have in mind since you are a little boy? Dreams that will lead your way to a future life you have created for yourself ever since you began thinking about having a career that will make everyone stop and stare and stun over your abilities and your will to become whatever you always wanted to be?

In my world everything is possible. In my mind everything I want is just a shot away. In my heart I feel the velocity of racing towards everything I wanted to achieve in my life and I do not see a sense in putting pressure on my life to search for someone that might actually be just a disappointment because our imagination played a trick on us. Why giving up life for love? When actually loving should mean living who you want to be and who you are here and now? There shouldn’t be anybody telling you what to do or how to do what you are doing. It is all up to you and your needs, your wishes, your hopes and your dreams. It’s not mission accomplished just because you’ve hunted every man or woman down in order to find your personal partner of your dreams- a personification of everything no one can actually ever meet a claim with. A dream is just a dream as long as you do not go for it and try to fulfill it. A dream partner is just an illusion of someone you create the way you want him – your personality, your style, your opinion on everything – that is not the way the world goes. People are people. And people are human beings. People tend to make mistakes and that is awesome because it makes them human and it makes them emotional and sensible and above all it gives them strength to be who they ought to be.

If you have dreams in life don’t let anybody let them take it away from you just because they think being single nowadays is inappropriate. You know what? It isn’t! I had to realize it by myself in the last days. Around me everyone of my friends has a partner [well almost everyone except for one or two] and I was so unhappy that I did not have one, but actually I do not need one, well, not now – if I have to force myself to develop feelings for someone. When it is time for that, it is time and I will realize and my heart makes me notice by skipping beats that will drive me mad around the clock. But it came to my mind that I am happy all by myself. I have to clear a lot of things up and I can do what I want without rendering an account to anybody than myself.

Hey! I love life. I am so smiling right now about what I found out that I couldn’t be happy any more than right now. I am alive and I love to be alive and enjoy any second. I will never want to miss anything and above all I will never want to see myself saying that I regret being there – wherever there is. I love to dress up and I love to shop. I love fashion and I love to write! Gosh I love life! And above all I love my friends. I am nothing without everything I am doing right now. I am nothing without people that read these words. I am lucky to be able to do this and I am thankful.

So live life. Be happy. Be thankful and above all be YOU!





  wonderrose wrote @

yes, of courde it is very important to be happy, and to follow your dreams,…
it is so important to enjoy life and even more important to love your own life…
i mean, if you don’t do,no boy- or girlfriend is able to change anything,
i think nobody can be happy just because the person has found his partner… you have to be happy before, than you can be happy with somebody else

so i think you are right
just one thing, who says that people can just be happy with a partner?

  Mr.StrictlyIntimate wrote @

Dear wonderrose,

thank you so much for your words – we have the same opinion on happiness and love and life. That is wonderful.

Coming to your question – well, a lot of people around me always say that they are not happy because they have no partner and that pure happiness comes from love – but I totally disagree because if YOU want to be happy it is all up to YOU so get up, go out and make YOURSELF happy! It’s all in one’s own hands and not in those of someone else.



  Surge wrote @

$ = Very true. That’s what this post kind of reminded of, other than being happy to be alive 😛 Except I’m single and I’m pissed that I am. I swear to god I’ve fallen a little bit in love with people who didn’t want to go out with me and I just keep moving on.

  Surge wrote @

It messed up my comment lol. That sucks. It was the a heart, greater than sign and then a money sign.. faill.

  Mr.StrictlyIntimate wrote @

Well – when it comes to fall for people that do not want me – I can see thousands of songs about that, but I kind of got along with it because I understood that love isn’t something that automatically grows inside of someone’s heart. It is a process of getting to know each other actually. And sometimes this procedure annoys me a little bit. I am a happy single. I hard rough times fighting and arguing with myself that I can’t be single, but actually it is okay and I’m completely cool with it. 🙂

At least I have enough space and time on my own to concentrate on my wishes and needs and trying to figure them out correctly.



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