the Life, the Love and the Sex of Vienna.

Caught! – N. and V. lying? No way!

N. and V. playing pretend to be innocently preoccupied with life and lying and the people around them. Fact not fiction – N. and V. got kicked out of school because of a natural human habit called lying. Pretending to be sick and not appearing in school was a 90’s thing actually – it was cool back then, but telling people you are totally sick, suffering from depressions and diseases is kind of lame when they find out that it all was a big fat lie. I think someone here needs a drink, or maybe a bottle of wine to get over ruining their lives and now facing working every single day at a grocery store. Douglas? I don’t think so. They didn’t even apply yet.

Guess every lie must come out of its shell into the sunlight to be analyzed and seen through by someone like me. Someone who hates a lier. Someone who can smell a lier out of a group of thousands at one place. Btw N. – have you been pregnant again in the last 24 hours?





  Irina wrote @

sehr interessant. und woher weisst du das?

  Mr.StrictlyIntimate wrote @

Habe mit einigen Klassenkameraden gesprochen und ein, zwei Lehrkraeften und die haben es mir bestaetigt. Dann hab ich N. angerufen als wuesste ich von nichts und sie gefragt wie es ihr so geht und dass ich sie schon lange nicht mehr gesehen habe. Und da kam ihre Geschichte 😉 und ich konnte sie durchschauen.

Mr.StrictlyIntimate strikes! 😉


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