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looking Perfect is not a Miracle and why I do love Victoria Beckham – the Style Issue [Part I]

Sitting in bed suffering a little bit from a cold I must have accidentally catch up in the train home from university [you know what they say, well, what women say, ‚men suffer like children‘ – and I tell you, that is a shameless lie, well, at least for myself, I am half a woman in my heart, so I guess that statement is alright] I am currently listening to music [Celine Dion – the Power of Love…don’t ask me why, but I love that song and of course I do love her voice] and thinking about life, just as I usual do – but you know me, no thought is lost in this mind, it is too ingenious to lose anything. Well apart from my brilliancy there still is my ultimately sharp sense for fashion and of course my unbreakable will to become editor in chief of Vogue one day, but enough of me, myself and I before you start thinking I am a little bit conceited. And I just don’t want anything to come between you and me that could stop you from loving me – in fact I actually enjoy it.

Inspired by the fact that I am currently working on my Bachelor degree and therefore on my final project and the fact that my sister finally listened to me when it comes to cutting her hair to a pony, I thought it is about time to write about something that is unique and hereditary, something that you can’t learn, but just improve – a sense for fashion. It’s time for a style issue. This is not about telling you what to wear and what to definitely avoid, well actually it is, but not on a teacher – student kind of basis, but on a ‘let us create a more fashionable world together’ kind of basis.

So here we go. The ultimate number one – some mysterious rule I always wanted to delete out of every fashion lexicon in the world that says don’t mix brown and black – if you feel like doing it, then just do it. I made the experience that black and brown are the perfect combination if you just have a little sense for fashion and for the perfect look. I like to mix my agleam brown/golden shirt with a brown V-Pullover, perfect slim Levi’s or Diesel Jeans a black tie, black shoes and a black bag. That is my perfect outfit to walk through a fashionable ‘Sex and the City’ day.

Number two – as a very important styling rule – it is better to look overdressed than being the only one in a group out of hundreds that looks like going from riches to rags instead of contrariwise. Believe me, there is nothing more embarrassing than being the only one more dressed down than Christina Aguilera at a Grammy Awards Party. In real life no one excuses a bad dressed day – well, at least not in my universe/ my world. Unfortunately not feeling well is no excuse for a fashion faux pas – show your public face, smile and hide your fucking problems/private face – no one will ever be considerate of your emotions, believe me, not in real life, but that is what friends are for, isn’t it? [but more to that topic when the time is right].

Serious number three – make up is good, it is your friend on most of the 365 days a year is composed of, but not being able of applying it carefully and correctly is actually the eighth mortal sin. You have to be aware of the fact that the first impression is the most important one and apart from a good looking outfit it is absolutely necessary to look naturally and healthy – don’t forget, the first thing people notice is your physical appearance and above all your face. The most important thing is to look clean and fresh which gives you a healthy kind of look. I have to admit that when it comes to makeup I am an absolutely Dior addict, I never use anything else, but it is up to you, which makeup you want to use, not always the most expensive is the best one, believe me, I have tried a lot of different makeup. On a daily bases I use Diorskin Nude Makeup – it looks completely natural and above all it is good for me, because as a man it is very easy to look like a gender bender. Besides the foundation I use black Mascara – Diorshow Iconic Extreme to be absolutely precisely – because my lashes are so unbelievably lucid that it would seem as if I’d had none, so I kind of trick a little bit. Mostly it is just this bit of makeup to create the perfect look. Stick to the basics – that’s the secret!

That was of course not the complete styling guide, but I promise you that there will be a Part II and a Part III you can follow. But until that point of time I want to recommend you something to read very carefully – my actual styling bible when it comes to defining your personal style and improving your sense for fashion – Victoria Beckham; that Extra Half an Inch. It is the ultimate mock up of basic tricks and tips for creating the perfect look at any budget and for finding your true, personal style.

Victoria Beckham - that Extra Half an Inch
You just have to take a look at the cover and notice these wonderful pair of Christian Louboutin and you know you can’t deny – Victoria has got style. She is an Icon, above all, she is one of my most beloved role models when it comes to fashion and setting trends. Just as ELLE Magazine wrote in this year’s October issue, ‘Fashionwise, she is authentic. What you see is how she is all the time. If you have style, you always have it, whether there are cameras or not.’, and that is what Victoria symbolizes for me and that is what I love her for, because she gives me strength to pull my style and way of dressing through every situation in life, no matter what other people think. I know I have style, because I am absolutely comfortable in my skin and that is what fashion is all about!

Have a wonderful Friday party night or just enjoy a DVD in bed. Everything is up to you, because you are the only owner of your life. As long as you have fun and enjoy it, I support you to the fullest. I love you and you love me. I know that. And I appreciate it.





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