the Life, the Love and the Sex of Vienna.

a Letter to my Friends – I share my Thoughts, I share my Love

Today I had a complete day to think about a lot of things besides all the working stuff that had to be done and I came across making the decision that it is about time to talk about a topic that has one of the highest priorities in my life – my dear, wonderful, beloved friends. I can tell you all straight from my heart that I would be nothing without anyone of you and this is why I thought it is a perfect idea, to share a letter with you that I have written as a gift and as a big and thank you – maybe the biggest I could possibly give you!?

My dearest friends,

in times of weakness and sadness you have been there for me. Built me up when I have been down and tried to give me strength when I felt as I could never get it back again.
In every phase of my life when I had to face darkness that seemed to suffocate me completely you were there and strengthened my back, told me I was strong and helped me to walk through the fire without letting it burn me down completely.
My friend – my life, my all, I would be nothing without you. I would not be alive if it wasn’t for you, everyone of you.

As I sit here on my bed with an opened window and so many thoughts crossing my mind I realize that there is nothing more important and more part of my heart and my soul and above all my heart’s desire than to be with you throughout my life. To me, it is important that you live your life to its fullest, that you fulfill every of your dreams and that you become whatever you have always dreamed of. I believe in you no matter what comes up and I promise you that I will stay with you through your personal fire and that I will try to guide your way through darkness whenever it suddenly it appears – I will be there.
You know, people develop and they grow and sometimes they grow apart – cruel, sad and disappointed. I know that this will never happen to us. Some of you I know for quite a long time – years actually – and some only a short, but everyone of you is an important piece of my heart that I will never give up or away. Anytime you need me I will be there because I love you and you are so important to me.

real Friendship lasts a lifetime Period
Friendship is something that grows with time and tightens, strengthens. We went through an incredible time of motions and emotions – some even threatened to torn us apart but we stuck together and worked it through. Many times. Whenever one us cried we dried each other’s tears. We cried over boys and we laughed over bears, cosmos, manhattans, martinis, vodkas and many more. We watched DVD’s while facial masks cleansed our skin and we made each other’s nails. We share secrets and we share emotions – lots of them. In our group we never kiss and tell. Whenever someone broke our heart the other never hesitated to drive through the night to be there for the other one. We live our lives and we love it because we have each other and because we support each other, no matter what.

This isn’t just a letter telling you how I feel about every single one of you, but it is also a promise to always be there for you when you someone to talk, to cry, to laugh and to share a secret with. I love you more than I could love anybody else and I hope you are aware of that fact. I would lay my life into your hands if it was necessary and above all and this is the most important thing – I would give my life for you, without any hesitation.

My friend, my life, my love, my all – I love you and I will do forever. Never forget you. Thank you for being there for me when I needed you the most. Thank you for being just you.




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