the Life, the Love and the Sex of Vienna.

Who am I? Secretly…Obviously…Deep Inside of Me?

A human, with all his faults. A dreamer – by night and by day. A man, definitely. A child, sometimes deeply hidden, but sometimes still seeing daylight. A soul, stormy and calm. Complicated. Restless. Strong willed and relaxed. Emotionless and so full of feelings. Wild. A face, marked, sad, crying. A Smile, barely even there, but still existing. A tear, secretly, at night when everyone is asleep and no one can hear me. Hurt. Well-read and educated. Conceited. Vain and stubborn. Self-doubting. Somehow lovable. Someone to hate. Elitist. Proud. Full of fears and doubts. Visionary. Designer and author. Artist. Aesthete. Fashion Victim. Fashion Icon. Fashion obsessed. Looking into the future. Living here and now. Leaving past behind. Gay and proud to be. At some times Bitchy. In some moments happy and satisfied with myself. Actually, just me. Just the way I am and just the way I always wanted to be. Simply…ME!




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