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let us Celebrate a Fashionable Year 2010 together

let's celebrate a sassy, sexy and scandalous 2010

let's celebrate a sassy, sexy and scandalous 2010

My dear readers…today is a glorious day. For the first time I have seen the new Sex and the City trailer for the second movie and believe me it’s going to get fashionable and absofuckinglutely exciting. I have been so inspired that I decided to write my New Year’s post right away because you never know when this inspirational phase gets blown away, so I definitely have to seize this power.

Watching Sex and the City always reminds me of my own life and actually of the lives of my friends, of course. To be absolutely honest, we have to admit that we are the new Sex and the City generation – we are young, successful, sexy and absolutely, fabulously fashionable [as for myself I definitely know that I am!]. Every single day life is about fashion, well at least my personal life is…it is about getting up and dressing up as good as possible because you want to, because you feel the need to, because you know that no matter what you wear you always look good and stylish because you have that special sense for fashion. That is what is important in my life right now. I love fashion and I would never want to give up my fashionable life for anything else because all my dreams are connected with it and dependent on it.

finally Sex and the City 2 has arrived

finally Sex and the City 2 has arrived

I love wearing all those wonderful outfits, mixing styles and colours, cuts and textiles. Fashion is something that is everywhere around us and no matter what we do, there is always a situation that brings us back to our fashion roots, those early steps we made in and into fashion industry, those that gave us the strength to follow our dreams and above all to have such dreams! I have big dreams and let me tell you a little secret…I am plannin something very big for the next year and you all will be very surprised my dear readers, but until that point I will have to wish you a sassy, sexy and scandalous 2010 – let’s celebrate it hard and live every day to it’s fullest!

I love you and I know you love me!





  peek-a-boo wrote @

The new year’s round the corner!
PROSIT NEUJAR to you R and your loved ones.May the year be filled with love,happiness,prosperity and especially good health to everyone.Take care and see you next year!

  Mr.StrictlyIntimate wrote @

Dear peek-a-boo,

thank you so much for your nice and delightful words. I wish you a successful and entertaining new year and may 2010 be the best year you have ever experienced.

Thanks for following me regularly, I deeply appreciate it.



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