the Life, the Love and the Sex of Vienna.

Female Energy, Female Creativity and the Female Ability of being an Inspiration [Part I] – Jane Austen

Watching Erin Brokovich for the 550th time, I am actually inspired on writing a piece on strong woman throughout the centuries that gave me mental strength and inspired nations, people and history, in fact that wrote history themselves. I believe that the female power is something very special, unique and above very creatively working. Throughout centuries and histories we keep pieces on, from and about women that left us not only great stories, achievements and comforts, but a legacy of wisdom, strength and confidence.
In the following Blog entry I am going to talk especially about women that inspired me throughout my twenty-two years of living not only in a mood-board kind of manner as designers often get inspired, but in a ‘I could change the world if I wanted to by using the bit of female intelligence and power I have inside of me though I am a male human being’ kind of way. This is going to be the first part in a hopefully hundred more following [and of course I am going to do a bit research on this very important topic] – it is me writing about female art and the power to enforce the spirit of talent, a strong will and gifted mind.

One of my most beloved and most favourite inspirations of my life is, in my mind one of the greatest and most gifted female writers of all time.
Jane Austen is some kind of role model for the writer inside of me. She is the female reincarnation of Shakespeare and all her works of romantic fiction are more than just a piece of written words but actually a piece of art. Her creation of a female protagonist that is neither weak nor willing to give up her right of free speech made Jane Austen to a cutting-edge writer of female rights, creativity and the ability of leading a male dominated world into a direction where it is no shame to be a talented and gifted woman who does not see herself only behind a cooker, but using her creative energy to force the world to open its eyes and its arms to the modern woman having her own career in the business she chooses for herself.
I believe it is hardly necessary to say that her novel ‘Pride and Prejudice’ is actually my most favourite book, which I could read every week again and again without being bored. Every single time I read through the lines of Elizabeth Bennet’s life and adventures I am stunned by her strength to be herself, to speak her mind and to just stand up for her rights, not defined as being a woman, but being a human being just like a man. It is unbelievable inspiring how pride encounters prejudice and everyone learns his own kind of lessons on life and the way the world works.

Jane Austen - Pride and Prejudice

Jane Austen - Pride and Prejudice

In my heart and my mind and of course in my imagination the spirit of Jane Austen will always live forever as a source of inspiration and as a piece of strong-willed heart she helped to form and showed what true romanticism really means in today’s society and how it can change people inevitably when they love unconditionally.

My dear Mrs. Jane Austen you are a piece of my life that I would never want to miss. Your novels gave strength, romantic energy and the ability to believe in the female powers around me. I adore you, truthfully.





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