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Burberry, Christopher Bailey and Emma Watson – God save the British Empire!

Every one who is acquainted with me on a personal level knows, that I do love three things more than anything else – Burberry, Christopher Bailey and Emma Watson [and above all I do love Emma Watson for Burberry]. In my mind the label Burberry is a unique, traditional and inspiring star on the fashion horizon. Christopher Bailey is actually some kind of hero for myself because every single time I see a runway show of Burberry I almost start to cry. His creations and his talent are remarkably inimitable and beyond some people’s imagination [to be honest, he would just need to look at me and I would marry him right away – he is some kind of dreamboat in my mind and in my heart and in my soul – well I could just say I love him, but it is way more than love].
Ever since Bailey started being creative director of Burberry in 2001 he changed the rusty image of this label [that was found in 1856 by Thomas Burberry] and turned it into a fashionable and trend setting company, which inspires millions of people all around the globe, so I guess you can see why he is my personal hero in fashion business. Besides the British Fashion Award as Designer of the Year in 2009 he won six others such as the Honorary Fellowship from the Royal College of Art where Bailey graduated from with an MA; the Appointed Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) in HM Queen Elizabeth II Birthday 2009 Honours List for Services to the Fashion Industry and more British Fashion Awards.

As the face of the new Burberry Ad Campaign for the Spring/Summer Collection, Emma Watson is as beautiful as always. Emma became the face of the label in 2009 and Christopher Bailey decided to keep her immaculate face for his Ad Campaigns. He commented“This campaign celebrates our heritage and our timeless Burberry icons. The energy of the images and the dynamic cast reflect the different attitudes and expressions of the Burberry guy and girl.”
“We’ve worked again with Emma Watson who has a classic, effortless beauty and is incredibly talented. Alongside Emma we have four British guys; Emma’s younger brother Alex Watson, Matt Gilmour, Max Hurd and George Craig.”
Emma is not just an inspiring actress but a beautiful model and to be honest she has one of the best senses for style and fashion I have ever seen on a young woman like her. She is absolutely georgeous and the new Campaign isn’t just beautiful, but actually flawless.

Enjoy the new campaign. I think I am going to buy myself one of those fabulous bags. And maybe a trench coat and some pair of trousers…and so on.





  peek-a-boo wrote @

I love what Christpher Bailey does for Burberry too.In fact the trenchcoat is one of my all time favourite pieces of clothing.I’m almost always in awe of Christopher’s collections for Burberry.I say ‘almost’ because I was disappointed once but ONLY once!But who cares.
What marks me too at every Burberry collection is the SOUNDTRACK!I ALWAYS love it and seek out the music afterwards.I admire Burberry’s clever publicity concept of focalising on typically British Sloan Ranger culture and the celebs that go with it.
I can’t afford a new Burberry trench and to be honest I’d rather spend my money on the homeless or caring for abandoned animals but I’ll always appreciate the beauty of a traditional Burberry trenchcoat and remain in awe at Christopher Bailey’s talent and British culture in general.
God Save The Queen!!!

  peek-a-boo wrote @

Forgot to mention something (I was preoccupied admiring David Beckham’s new Jesus tatou & Jesus Luz’s pubic hair peeking out of a bedsheet in some new pictires of him) and excuse me if I seem to be throwing Black Forest Cake in the fan but I thought the new Burberry campaign could have been better.Visually its beautiful.The clothes and people are flawless as is the photography. However using a mauve wall as background seems odd.A mauve wall?
Surely the advertising budget could have allowed for more than … a mauve wall! Tsk!
Would have loved to have seen everyone running through Hyde Park or visiting Madame Tussauds for example.It wouldn’t have burst their budget I’m sure!

  Mr.StrictlyIntimate wrote @

I completely share your opinion on Burberry and wonderful Christopher Bailey – it is just traditional style and the trench coat is the ultimate it piece that not only goes with everything, but looks good at every possible occasion – that is why I do love me trench coat collection that much [not every one of it is Burberry to be honest – but you know, variety counts]. It just fits me and Burberry is the perfect description of my own style.

Btw – the SOUNDTRACK is always stunning and absolutely perfect matching to the collections.


  Mr.StrictlyIntimate wrote @

Well – when it comes to the mauve wall I can’t find any apology and I happen to think you are absolutely right, that it is quite a lame contrast compared to the clothes. I happen to think that nature too would have been the wrong location for such a high end collection – maybe the Shakespeare theater would have been a great background or the streets of London itself, just like the campaign with Kate Moss for Burberry running down a British street in a fabulous classic trench coat years ago. I would have preferred a choice like that.


  peek-a-boo wrote @

My suggestions of Hyde Park and Madame Tussauds follows imo the vein of eccentricity so typical of the British.I agree the clothes are at the high end of the market (so expensive it gives me chills) but I notice how the British often like to shock or tease with contrasts.Like Vivienne Westwood in her proper couture receiving her OBE from the Queen and receiving it without any panties on underneath her skirt.LOL!Or for instance I one saw an old lady a la Miss Marple in a perfectly cut green tweed suit and gloves but she had her hair in rollers and coverd it with a transparent scarf.And she was queing up to buy Indian Curry take away.LOL!That’s what I love about England.
Nice to see you in better spirits after ‘the break up’ R.You certainly seemed to have paid your dues cheri.Thank God there’s fashion and the collections coming up soon!

  Mr.StrictlyIntimate wrote @

Well yes – that is quite right, the British people are vein of eccentricity but as far as I remember and know Burberry likes to give their collection a second touch of topic related design aspects. Just remember the last wonderful Spring/Summer collection where George Craig was on every Billboard too and the green and brown nature coloured textiles have been perfectly accentuated by the environment of a greenhouse. It is kind of Burberry manner to support the collection with a perfect fitting background than with eccentricity [which is actually shown enough in its designs – if you ask me].

Well thx my dear – I am quite looking forward in my life. Fashion industry kind of gives me a lot of love and breathes life into me every single day – I definitely enjoy that.


[…] kind of way but obsessing over every single piece of fashion created by ingenious mastermind Christopher Bailey. When I dedicated my final collection at University exactly one year ago to the marvelous history […]

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