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the Burberry autumn/winter 2010 Menswear Milan Fashion Show

I just finished watching the live stream of Burberry’s new Menswear collection and I can totally say that this was one of the best shows Christopher Bailey ever did. It was not just classic and beautiful with the blue and white Burberry pattern that snowed down on the crowd on big Screen, but the catwalk was a black sensation that you have to fall in love with!

Inspired by military influences Burberry’s new collection is the absolute embodiment of elegance and history. As a Burberry tradition Bailey used the trench coat [as usual] and transferred it into 2010 as a perfect symbol for the elegant man that emanates not only a sense for fashion but an eye for details.

The colour concept which contained, black, white, purple, plum, dark blue, brown and ochre was perfectly suited with the details in gold [such as the cuffs on this years’ coats] and heavy belts [in dark brown closing trench coats and giving it a modern character]. Not to mention the unbelievably wonderful heavy boots in black and brown [of which some had a fur lining].

The bags as usual absolutely suitable for every day occasions such as going to work or school [with a beautiful messenger bag for example?] but even for going out in the evening with the perfect accessory to keep all your important belongings safely on your side.

I can just say that I am perfectly stunned by this collection and that I am almost spare with words because I literally cried of joy when I saw this show.
So running to the next local Burberry store will be the next location you can find me if you are up to it!

All my love and Mr. Baily if you read this, then please marry me! 🙂





  peek-a-boo wrote @

Too Late!
He’s marrying ME but you’ll get to be godfather to one of our children and also get all the free clothes you want!LOL!
Joke’s aside its a fabulous collection.I hear that lots of women buy Burberry Mens coats (and Galliano too) and I can understand why.There’s a certain chunky look and ample feel to the coats.Marlene Dietrich’s fault of course.

  Mr.StrictlyIntimate wrote @

Ha you marry your nice boyfriend and I may either Christopher Bailey or George Craig. It is a wonderful collection and I like women wearing men’s coats or jackets with a heavy belt around the waist. It just looks completely elegant and it is perfect – as you said, thanks to Marlene Dietrich and Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel too, of course.


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