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a Blog to show your Talent

A few new interesting things just came up for Mr.StrictlyIntimate and of course for all his readers, fans and beloved ones.

Sharing thoughts, talents and inspirations is something that is quite important in today’s society – above all, if there are so many competitors out there you actually have to beat with what you do – but on the other hand, what is stronger than a fusion [or collaboration] of various designer, artists and fashion people? If people would work together more often and more carefully bigger and better things can be the result of such a collaborative work. And who is on the front for such a new idea? It is a new Blog Mr.StrictlyIntimate is writing for – – a platform/ blog where designer and people in fashion industry [and even those who are interested in fashion] can come together, write about fashion and [not only!] show their opinions. But furthermore Nelou allows those fashionable people to show their designs and gives them the possibility to make their talent, designs and collections acquainted with all the people around the world. It is also built to unite fashion designer and fashion blogger to connect with each other and to blog about Fashion, Trends, Life and Lifestyle.

It is a big and wonderful step into a career that everyone in fashion industry dreams about. Where you start is up to you – of course – but it is important to start somewhere and this somewhere could be your own blog on where people can read your words, opinions and where others can see your own designs.

If you want others to know what you create, design or what you write [maybe even what you ever dreamt of doing as a profession?] be a part of it and write about it. Your career chances are all up to you and this is the chance of a lifetime!
Take the chance and show the world who you are and what your talent is!




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