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I just arrived at home after attending a press-breakfast I have been invited to. An ancient fellow student of mine Anna Rihl, and her colleague Moritz Baier first found a platform for people who want to create their own fashion called, where you just have to follow three simple steps to become your own fashion designer.

Step 1: Scribble – draw, paint, create what you have in mind and above all, what you would love to wear. Let your creative energies flow and express yourself.
Step 2: Submit – take your PC, Notebook, Netbook, iPhone, BlackBerry [and so on] and go to to create your personal user account.
Step 3: Vote & earn – vote for other designs you like [if you like] and earn votes for your own designs. If you get enough votes your Shirt, Skirt, Trousers, Jeans, Dresses [and so on – there are no bounds for your creativity!] useabrand produces your ideas and you earn money for each piece sold too!

Besides the you-create-fashion design system/ platform the label provides their own accessory line and a Menswear and Womenswear collection by Anna Rihl [the chief designer of useabrand who studied fashion design and already worked for designers such as Christian Lacroix, Wendy&Jim, Servane Gaxotte and Irina Volkonskii] which appears semi-yearly. After a fundamental apprenticeship in fotography Moritz Baier ‘accidentally’ came across fashion while having an inner motivation set in mind that he wants to make fashion accessible for everyone.

After the concept worked out perfectly well online – Anna and Moritz decided to open their own store [where today’s press-breakfast took place] in Zollergasse 15, 1070 Vienna, Austria. This shop is defined by definite shaping and unique details, which are typical contents of useabrand’s design concept. They use and old dentist’s table as a cash, antique reflectors to emblaze the store and mannequins which seem to be comfortably observing the scene. The shop is purely white and very sophisticated in its complete look.

I definitely have to say that the whole concept is absolutely great and the store is marvellous. If you want to go for a shopping trip don’t miss visiting useabrand and enjoy their collections and their cooperations with young designers.
Anna and Moritz will have a bright future in my mind – above all because both of them have very interesting design aspects and motivations.

In dedication of their definite designs I will cut out the xoxo this time and leave you to a have a wonderful Tuesday evening with an x.





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  Emily Whatson wrote @

Nice post and a beautiful site, did you made it by yourself?

Emily ~ Corset and corseterie page

  Mr.StrictlyIntimate wrote @

yes – we, Mr.TechnicalAdvice and myself – Mr.StrictlyIntimate – made this whole site together all by our sweet selves. So we are quite flattered by your wonderful compliment.


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