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Peng! said the Fashion Gun and shot the Austrian

So there it is. I hold it in hands and scroll through it, scanning page by page carefully and enjoying the culture flash meeting high and urban fashion. It is a piece of Austria that helps its country to gain respect for their development in fashion industry – step by step.
Peng! Magazine is actually the first worth mentionable fashion magazine that glazes of profound, intellectual content and a sense for fashion that consolidates urban street style with high fashion labels as easy as you can say ‘Peng!’ out loud.

Last week [Thursday 22nd] the newest issue of Peng! magazine for fashion, music, art and hair premiered at the Berlin Fashion Week with a sensational party and an even more sensational 6th issue called ‘the 6th child’. With starting at the silent story of Constantine & Vincent – a story full of love that embeds various song lines from well known artists such as Bjork, Britney Spears, Madonna, Duffy, Amy Winehouse and Robyn, but also some lines from famous authors like Shakespeare and directors like Peter Jackson and Baz Luhrmann – crossing patterns in brown, blue and orange; meeting artist Clemens Wolf and showing fashionable monitoring grids, checks, rhombs, Leo and houndstooth Peng! magazine covers profound topics and mixes them with fashion and artistic shoots.

Peng! Magazine - the 6th Child

Peng! Magazine - the 6th Child

The word ‘peng’ itself signifies a blowoff, a shot, a happening that attracts interest and alerts. That is what Peng! magazine wants to activate on the market and the people in this society. Peng! is a starting signal for every reader, an alert short for every competitor and a direct hit for every client.
Peng! is fashion and style as well as music, art, and hair – it is a world that could be misinterpreted as superficial. It is a magazine that takes topics out of their typical environment and merges is with socially critical, artistic and corporately important contexts and contents.

Finally a magazine fights against the superficial image of the fashion industry and shows that there is not only a profound aspect about fashion but also the process of examination of society, culture and structures.
Peng!…the alert shot against inconsequential ineffectiveness and the eternally same! Join it – enjoy it -love it – just as I do!



P.S.: Peng! Magazine is available in its homecountry Austria and now even in Berlin. Go for it and get it.



  katja wrote @

awesome. i enjoyed every single word.

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  Mr.StrictlyIntimate wrote @

Thank you very much Katja – your words delight me and I am quite flattered. Enjoy my Blog and I hope you find your yellow VB dress in Paris.


[…] Peng! said the Fashion Gun and shot the Austrian « Mr.StrictlyIntimate Share and […]

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