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Just a few Words to my Friends

I just returned home from a DVD night with two friends of mine, made myself a glass of wonderful martini bianco and got ready for writing a blog entry. So here I sit, sipping my martini, classy and pleasurably, thinking about all the things that I have in mind – all those little thoughts that won’t come out as fluently as I’d wish them to, but well, that is quite okay because I have some kind of feeling that this is going to be a short entry dedicated to my friends.
Those people, that are always there for me when I am down. Those who understand that I sometimes do not have time to meet them because I have a lot to do [not only in cause of my helpless perfectionism. [pouring martini in my glass for the second time]. Those who support my dreams, wishes and talents. Those who criticize me – truly, honestly and straight. Those who speak to me because they know that I keep their secrets forever and for always safe in my mind.

Who and where would I be without my beloved ones? What does it count owning a Gucci clutch bag if you do not own the right kind of friends that take you and your Gucci out for dinner? [pouring my third glass]. What does it count owning a Cartier watch if you can’t answer your best friends question for the time? In my opinion – nothing at all.

My dear ones. Thank you for every evening spent, every dinner, every party, every kiss, every DVD night, every sleep over and every Vogue Magazine happening. I love you and you will always be in my heart!





  oculos escuros wrote @

real stimulating commentary. I was searching for elaborated data like this for hours. Thanks.

  djow wrote @

I prefer woman who does not care about gucci…

  Mr.StrictlyIntimate wrote @

Well – actually it is not about the Gucci. It is about the fact of having friends that make all the Gucci in the world seem nonessential.


  katja wrote @

  Mr.StrictlyIntimate wrote @

♥ – back my beloved, fantastic and beautiful Katja


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