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the Grammy 2010 Show

the Grammy Awards

the Grammy Awards

I have just returned home, jumped under the shower, made myself a martini and some ravioli and now I am absolutely ready to watch the Grammy 2010 show – and I tell you, that I am quite excited to see all those dresses, all those winners and all those disappointed losers who failed to win.
Right now Lady Gaga is opening the show and she looks as stunning and supernatural as always [deep inside I hope she wins some prices because she is just fabulous!] singing poker face and fading into one of her new songs speechless from her album the fame monster, the deluxe edition of her album the fame – and surprise surprise who does join her single? Elton John – both of them mix speechless with his classic your song! Every one who doubted her voice – thinking she can’t sing single note now has to admit that this woman can sing every other on the wall! Stunning, unbelievable and such an icon…I truly admire her.

And now the fight for the price starts and it seems like a battle of the ultimate superstars of 2009!

Song of the Year – [10 time nominee] Beyoncé Knowles with Single Ladies [Put a ring on it!]

Can it get even better? Well yes, Jennifer Lopez in a dress that makes her look like a sausage with twenty pounds overweight thinking herself to still be on top of the female singers – though she is far, far, far away from still being famous. Poor J.Lo…

Best Country – [8 time nominee] Taylor Swift for Fearless

Right after giving Taylor her award Beyoncè did a fantastic performance that wasn’t just extraordinary but quite unbeatable. With her unique voice singing live she could beat every female artist at the moment – it is unbelievable what this young artist can do with her gift.

Now I realize that it is about time to go to bed, turn out the light, take my bottle of martini and enjoy the show. I will talk about the highlights tomorrow my dear readers. In the meanwhile I wish you a lot of fun with the awards and pray for Taylor and Lady Gaga that both of them win many prices!

Love you all




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