the Life, the Love and the Sex of Vienna.

thoughts, thoughts, thoughts

I sit here watching the Sex and the City movie with two friends of mine and I come across the thought of thinking about love – again. Just like I always do, when I watch Carrie Bradshaw living her fashionable life. At the moment love is something absorbs my mind all the time – actually 24/7. I wake up and think about love, I lie awake in bed and think about love, but the most important question is, why the hell does love influence our minds that much? Why does it capture our feelings in a core of numbness and addiction? And why does love seem to erase all the other sides of life, when we finally seem to find it?

After a long time of loving, being in love and being love [at least that was what he told me] it seems to me that life doesn’t seem to think of me as someone in love instead of someone working for his dreams and forgetting about all the possibly upcoming feelings that could be connected with a thing called love – or emotional ambivalence.

‘And as the last leaves in fall fell from the trees…’ I am still sitting in front of my notebook typing those lines to write a new blog entry, but do you know what? I can’t bother myself to feel unhappy or unsatisfied. I know that there is more than to just be in love and think about one guy only, because there are things that are more important to think about – and it isn’t all just love and roses AND lip gloss [though lip gloss is quite delicious sometimes]. It is the three F’s that make a life seem important.

Friends, family and foes…! Friends to support you and be there for you, every time you need them. Family to make you feel sheltered and safe – secure. Foes to show you that there is something to fight for, to fight about. It is those three F-words. It is love to all you know – to all who are there for you – all who you can show your affection, and love by being there for them.

Right at the moment we are at the scene where the song ‘Auld lang syne’ starts and I almost have tears in my eyes because in my life it is just the same – friends are always there. If something is wrong I would drive/travel/fly/run through every country to be there for my friends and I know it is the same for them as it is for me. The strongest love of all is the love of a friend. It is the love that conquers everything and though sometimes you do not realize it – it is them who you live for!



P.S.: I just wait until the Grammy’s start to talk/write about the dresses and spread the best gossip that I could possibly do – so stay tuned and love it – as I do love you!


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