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The Conflict of Urban Art or Tradition meets Street Art

On Wednesday Mr.StrictlyIntimate and Mr.TechnicalAdvice did attend a press conference for bloggers that was quite interesting and breaking with traditions.
The Viennese porcelain manufacture Augarten [the second oldest china factory in Europe – found in 1718], unadulterated tradition, collaborates with young and talented street artists to accost a younger clientèle by letting their luxurious products come closer to urban art and culture. This collaboration is called ‘Augarten brennt – the Conflict of Urban Art’ and is not only used to provide a platform for young artists to present their talents, but also to abolish established prejudices about the image of Augarten porcelain.

This whole thing started with a Video posted on an housebreaking and the revenue of the famous china factory. The process of this ‘vandalism’ was completely filmed and announced as a video on various sides – with a lot of negative reaction in the first place [a lot of calls went straight to Claudia Uth, the products and marketing director of Viennese porcelain manufacture]. After dissolving the plan it was perfectly clear it was official that there was going to be a competition for young street artists who can show their talent in a process of creating porcelain – [more information can be found on]

Augarten brennt
The end of the competition and of this collaboration will be a huge one week lasting event where not only the winner will be announced, but also where the best designs can be purchased by an auction where an important part of the money goes directly to a foundation for young artists.

If you want to be a part of it go directly to, register and show your street art graffiti talent in this nationwide contest.




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