the Life, the Love and the Sex of Vienna.

the Duty of your Life – the Tasks you have to fulfill – the Dreams you dream

You know, life is a funny thing. Sometimes it makes you feel perfectly happy and satisfied and then from one moment to another it hits you harder than a ton of bricks, but mostly, even if you are on the ground and feel like not getting up again because you are incapable of it – you do stand up and you realize after some time, that it was the right kind of choice.

If there is something that I did learn within my twenty-two years of living, breathing and feeling, it is that there is nothing that can stop you from doing the things you have been chosen for, from the very beginning.
The most important thing is to never give up on fulfilling the duty you were born for, to make every dream you have inside your mind turn into a real scenario. You may ask yourself, why I sound that kind of poetic and self esteemed – well it is kind of an epic thing to believe in yourself, your strengths, your talents and your powers – it is actually something I did learn from my childhood heroes such as Buffy or Sailor Moon. You might find it quite weird to think about something that is actually not real and just a TV show, but you have to know, that for me these two series always have been a center of helping hands to make my personality sparkle and grew stronger – because I have learned to believe in myself and to do all the things I have ever dreamed of.

Messages like these are the most important things for children because they need something that helps them to grow self-conscious, self-confident and aware of their powers. Society disillusionates every one at some points in life, but it is in your hand to keep on believing in yourself and those around you that you love the most, those who are always there for you and those who want to take you down, because you have to look those doubters in their faces and smile brightly because you know you achieve everything you imagine if you work for it, live for it, love it, desire it and above all – if it is your heart’s most desire!

Believe in yourself. In this world there is no space for doubts, because you are strong and independent and you will always get what you want, just reach for it – feel it – desire it – want it and take it! Take everything you want at every possibility to make all your dreams come true. Once you have it – you will love it and you will never let go of it. Go for it! Go for your dreams! Go for a life you choose for yourself!
See the light! Seize the day! I am with you! I love you and believe in you!




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