the Life, the Love and the Sex of Vienna.

I have heard annoying People by Day and London Calling by Night

It was yesterday, at about 1:42 p.m. when I was sitting in a small cafe in the first district at the corner of Stephansplatz, Kärntnerstraße and Graben – THE most wonderful spot in Vienna. It is a place where different cultures, traditions and point of views mix, match and meet. Actually it is my most beloved place in this city, my home base. I have never felt anywhere more at home than I do here, where I shop, live and love. It is the most fashionable shop as well as the most traditional both at the same time. It is the life of Vienna – in all its colours, varieties and facets.

The most vivid place, where Austrians and tourists come together – where people shop [no matter if it is at Gucci’s and Valentino’s or if it happens to be H&M and Zara] – where people show there decadence – where people show their style – where some are disturbingly poor and others highly rich. It is a spot, where all kinds of people come together and live coexistently.
So I sat there, stared outside the large windows and watched the rainy street. People trying to hide beyond their umbrellas or several buildings. I actually did smile because it was somehow quite funny to see how fast such a crowded place can be empty if the rain starts to drop down on us. So I did light myself a zigarette, absorbed the smoke that fill my lungs within seconds and took some last sips of my rooibos tea that had a kind taste of caramel in it which I totally enjoyed. I paid the bill, packed my stuff, took my jacket and went outside to enjoy the beautiful rain before I will have to work for a couple of hours at a fashion store, where tons of people annoy me and my wonderful frenemy N. [believe it or not!] works too. I thought I was on the blink when I saw her walking in at our very first meeting – believe me, I wanted to stand up and go, but I decided to be a little bit more grown up and try to destroy her reputation from within the core of work – well I admit this option doesn’t sound that grown up, but it is way more fun!

A couple of hours later I was kind of exhausted because work was quite lame and a bit boring I decided to go to one of my best friend’s flat – so B. opened the Martini and some bottles of beer and there we were – laughing, shaking and having fun. So after drinking a bit we went off to Flex Club where my favourite Music was the theme of the night, and one of the most fashionable cities the host – London Calling.
After about half an hour B. met a guy – two hours later they were making out – well, that’s my fabulous B. – always on the hunt. But at least several people paid compliments on me, my style and my outfit – well what can I say?! I did look good, but you know, that is just me.
After chatting with P. [that’s B.’s making out guy] the three of us went inside and believe me three definitely is a crowd. But you know what? I just had to look at B. and I felt happy for her and kind of satisfied – but that actually came from shaking my ass of to the fabulous band that was playing this night and captured me in their sounds. It was awesome and wonderful.

I have never heard any song of the band before, but believe me, that I have never felt that connected to lyrics, sound and performance as fast as I did yesterday, so I decided to use my blogger trumps card and got backstage [after buying their debut album ‘Schwörende Seen, Ihr Schicksalsjahre!’] to talk to ADOLAR about their style and musical inspirations.
They did not only autograph my album, but they also answered my questions relaxation and complete open-mindedness.

Mr.StrictlyIntimate: What are your musical role models/icons/antetypes?
ADOLAR: Deftones, Tocotronic, Block Party, Refuse…

Mr.StrictlyIntimate: How important is fashion in music industry in your point of view?
ADOLAR: We actually do not set views on high fashion or special style – we just wear what is comfortable and looks good in our point of views such as jeans, perforated trousers the usual used look, but definitely no washed out jeans.

Mr.StrictlyIntimate: What does fashion mean to you?
ADOLAR: To us it is identification. Less is more. Fashion has a lot of various directions. Worn-out shoes. Hats. Since 6th grade in High School [note on the text: the band was found on 21st January in 2008] when we started in various bands, we did not hope that one day someone will copy our personal style.

Mr.StrictlyIntimate: Give me four words [one for each band member] that describes your style [in fashion sense as well as in music industry].
ADOLAR: Tom [Bass Guitar and Vocals] – Past. Jan [Guitar] – Future. Frank [Drum Kit] – Misplanned. Michael [Guitar, Vocals and Synthesiser] – Soul.

After doing the interview I said goodbye and looked forward to listen to their first Album – Schwörende Seen, Ihr Schicksalsjahre! which will be available in stores and on iTunes on March 5th. You can also order it, of course!
Some call it Alternative, some indie and some punk – I do not quite want to categorize ADOLAR’s sound – it is what it is. Hard. Great. Animating. Profound. Black and Blue and Red and Pink and Grey. Real. Authentic. Music at its best!

Here is a preview – their very first single ‘Kitt’:

Enjoy the video – shake your body and lose your mind to the sounds of ADOLAR!

Have a nice weekend my dear readers and party on this marvelous saturday night.



P.S.: N. you better watch out what is going up behind your back – never forget my promise to take you down. Ruthlessly!



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  Small Talk| Tsunami warning | Smalltalk WebDev Insider wrote @

[…] I have heard annoying People by Day and London Calling by Night … […]

  peek-a-boo wrote @

Hi R!
Karen Elson is attacking music now.Quite alternative I guess.
Hope you had a nice weekend.

  Mr.StrictlyIntimate wrote @

Hey there,

well thank you – I had a very nice weekend, finally made it and got myself some relaxing moments. I do hope yours was quite as good as mine?

I kind of like the song to be honest – she has a unique voice.


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