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my perfect Day – one Day – maybe… happy ever after?!

Yesterday – or actually tonight at about 2.30 a.m. – I was lying awake in my bed and decided to watch Bride Wars with Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway. I was kind of in the mood for laughing and for bridal couture – and afterwards dreaming about my own wedding which is the topic of this blog post.

My one and only wedding day. THE happening of my life. I don’t know when it will take place or if it even will take place one day [maybe if I would finally meet someone who wants to kneel down on one knee with a perfect Tiffany&Co engagement ring – colorless D, flawless, 2.99, platinum – the Tiffany setting] but I am planning it – well, you know, never say never and always be prepared.

Since I can think about marrying I imagine myself in Vera Wang – of course I would never wear a dress, that would be weird [Mr.StrictlyIntimate’s little drag show…] but Vera will have to make an exception to create the perfect white Wedding suit pour moi. I want to say ‘yes’ in Vera Wang couture and I will definitely say ‘yes’ in a white 3 piece suit with silver jacket [same coloured ornaments], white Dior shoes – varnish, of course, a white tie, my amazing Cartier watch and a Calla lily instead of drapery in my breast pocket. I know I will look amazing. I just have to close my eyes and I can imagine the whole scene…

My best friends and I are in a big room with mirrors and a beautiful chaise longue where my jacket is placed. I put on everything, slowly and carefully, to make sure every little piece is perfectly placed on my body. My friends and I laugh and they tell me how beautiful I am and I tell them how beautiful they are in their soft lilac strapless Vera Wang dresses that I picked for them. We smile, I look into the mirror and M. helps me to get into my jacket. My sister R places the Calla Lily and J. hands me the flower bouquet – Calla lilies too – white with a mix of lilac, soft and warm. I take one last look into the mirror and I have to smile because I know that this is going to be the most beautiful day of my entire life. We get in the white carriage drawn by four white horses with soft lilac Hermès saddles [custom made of course – they usually do not produce in such a colour but they will do it for my wedding] and we drive off to a castle [I won’t tell which one it is because I have not quite settled on the right one yet, but I will let you know, when it is time for that].

When we arrive everything is silent and I know I am ready when my maid of honour walks down the aisle in front of me. My mother takes my hand to walk me down the aisle, but before we get in I can see her eyes are sparkling because she knows that I have never been more happy before – she kisses my forehead and we go…slowly. Step by step while the traditional wedding sounds and bells sound. I look into my groom’s eyes and smile…this is going to be THE perfect day! I just know it.

Have a beautiful evening and a wonderful and easy start into the new week.
Love you.




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  Isabella wrote @

Can’t wait to get married!! 😀

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