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Female Energy, Female Creativity and the Female Ability of being an Inspiration [Part II] – ‘Woman + Web 2.0 = ?’

If you are a follower of my blog, you might remember that I wrote a piece about female energy, female creativity and the female ability of being an inspiration a little while ago [actually it was January 4th – just to be accurate], so I thought that it is quite the perfect timing for ‘Clarins & Nobel Cosmetics’ to send me a notification mail for a new project they will be launching on March 8th, because that gives me the opportunity to write Part II of my female compilation.

You know, the driving forces behind my back all happen to be woman such as my mother, my sister, my best friend, my second best friend, my third best friend, my enemy, my frenemy, my boss, my teachers, my role models [well most of them] and still I stop thinking that such amazing women will never be accredited enough or appreciated enough or acknowledged enough or taken seriously enough because of the simple fact that they do not happen to be, well, male creatures. Throughout the centuries women have been pressured and pressed into a role of playing the perfect maid honouring the ‘king’ of the house…but time went on and so did women, historically important women that changed the look upon the gender issue – such as Marie Antoinette, Jeanne d’Arc, Jane Austen, Coco Chanel, Romy Schneider, Audrey Hepburn and many more. All those fabulous women did achieve goals and changed minds and laws and turned the male world upside down and the typical role allocation happened to drift apart and switch sides.

A legendary, yet not mentioned French fashion designer conzeptualized a new project called 2.0 [no not 2.55 like a very famous Chanel bag – don’t think about coherences, believe me there are none] which will be officially launched on March 8th [to find at]and will be dedicated to the modern woman. It is about the meaning of discovering thoughts of women in today’s society and finding connections such as the three main equations of this project:

Woman + Creativity = ?

Woman + Community = ?

Woman + Connectivity = ?

Videos can be viewed directly on the homepage:

On the homepage you are challenged to complete the equation ‘Women + (enter word) = ?’ with your own personal words – challenge yourself,visit the page and be a part of a whole new interesting project! I’ll keep my eyes upon it and of course upon all the happenings in Vienna!

Love you



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  C.P.B.W. wrote @

I usually don’t post on many Blogs, but I love your blog, I often read here, still I just has to say thank you… keep up the amazing work.

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