the Life, the Love and the Sex of Vienna.

Questions, questions, questions, questions, questions and uhm yeah, right, questions…

Some questions that are on my mind every single minute of every single day and since there is so much to do and so little time left for me to blog [though I love it and really try to do my best to keep you all updated about what is going on in my life] these questions appear more often than before.
I kind of have the feeling that people around me simply do not understand, if I do not have any time to catch up with them because of all the stuff I have to do. It is just a little bit too much and so I thought I should lock my social life up and only care about my future career – that I absolutely have to fulfill. It doesn’t mean, that I do not love my friends – I love them more than my own life, but I know that there are higher goals that I have to achieve. I love you guys – I really do, but right now I absolutely have to care about my future, my career and my education – that is all my life is about at the moment.

Here are the questions that appear on my mind every time I lie awake in my bed at night – lonesome. Every time I am on my way to University – with my iPod and my thoughts. Every time I am going for a walk to think about things that happen in my life…just simply every time.

Where will I be when I wake up the next day? Will I wake up the next day?
Where will my life lead me if I keep my head in the game, my mind on the track and my heart in fashion industry?
Will all my future plans work out? Will I become a famous designer and editor in chief of Vogue – one day?

Do I have to live this life alone until the end of days? Is there someone that loves me and tries to be there for me – here, where I need him without lying to me? Without always leaving me alone when I need him the most? Will I fall asleep every night and turn to my left wishing and hoping that there would be someone to look at when I wake up the next morning? Am I going to sit at the kitchen table and cook and drink wine with my future husband? Maybe one day?

Will my friends stay with me, stick to me – even if times get rougher and more stressful? Will they be there for me and will they let me be there for them? Will we even be friends ten years from now?

Where will I be?
Where will you be?





  Freeker47 wrote @

Hey Robert!
Don’t you think that you’re agonizing way too much about questions no one could answer for sure? Don’t you think that all these questions could hinder you from simply enjoying the moment?
At least that’s my point of view. Don’t worry too much about things only time will tell 🙂 Just be happy, live your life and stay optimistic, and eventually things will turn that way.

  Mr.StrictlyIntimate wrote @

Well in some points you are totally right, but you should know, that I do enjoy my life – every second of it, even though these questions and thoughts kind of haunt me every single day, but still I love my life. I love to work and I love to be able to do what I have always dreamed of – thank you for your words Freeker47 – I really like your point of view!


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