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Work, a Vernissage and the Goo Goo Dolls in my Head

You know, some days are just too long in my point of you, just like today – first 9 hours of working at a fashion store where I had to deal with overweight and wardrobely outdated people that did not seem to own any sense for fashion, then a bit chit chat with one of my best friends B. [at her flat] and then I had to attend a vernissage of one of B.’s friends. All in all I have to say – a long and unfashionable day. Well, at least I have been quite the fashionista I use to be – but you know me I have style in my blood and fashion in my DNA, which is quite something infrequently existing.

I actually thought about writing a piece on the vernissage, but after I went in and talked to the artist shortly I realized that neither her personality, nor her paintings [mostly acrylic] were either good or interesting enough to really dedicate a review to – so I guess I cut this one out for now and tell you to visit her side in order to create your own opinion on her artistic talent which is actually marked by her non-ability of appraising proportions correctly. So there you go and visit her side:

The last thing on my mind for today is a song that won my heart over the first time I heard it watching the movie City of Angels with Meg Ryan – and I can tell you one thing – I did cry more as a teenager watching this movie than I did when I have been a baby at the age of two months. The Goo Goo Dolls and their wonderful song Iris is one of my most beloved and all time listen-able songs and after it had been played at work today I have to write about it now, because it is a piece of my heart and I love it as the perfect love song.
Listen to it, close your eyes and think about the one you love – afterwards go and kiss him or her to show your affection, love and dedication.

I wish you a wonderful saturday evening wether you are in a party mood or your own personal zone of relaxation and ease. Enjoy every single minute and think of me.




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