the Life, the Love and the Sex of Vienna.

the Austrian Fashion Award and me in the Middle of a Fashionable Crowd

Tuesday is almost over and I am quite ready to write about yesterday’s Austrian Fashion Award which I did attend as Mr.StrictlyIntimate [what else?!]. I sat at a table with my wonderful Maria, who has a fabulous austrian fashion blog called Style Kingdom and let me tell you – I ate steak [actually I do not eat red meat, so this is quite something here] and hey I liked it – seems like this guy gets back to the roots of masculinity. Nevertheless we sat there and drank wine while gossiping about who is there and who is out and who is who and who is who we do not necessarily need to be here and let me tell you one thing, we were quite a fashionable crowd. So there wasn’t only wonderful Maria who looked beautfiul, but also Cooloutfit, Fanfarella and Colazione A Roma who were just as beautiful as Maria and me [in a bronze coloured shirt with brown tie and wonderful Patar Petrov jacket].

beautiful Maria
wonderful Julia

Well besides our outfits and immaculate looks there is quite something more important to write about – the winners actually, because there where Awards take place, there has to be winners and [luckily] losers:

Best Embellishment: Andreas Eberharter
Best Photography: Guenther Parth
Best Fashion Journalist: Kira Stachowitsch
Best Designer 2010: Thomas Kirchgrabner
the Go International Award: Marios Schwab
Best Stylist: Sabina Schreder
Best Hair Stylist: Wolfgang Lindenhofer
Designer Branding: Wendy & Jim
Best Makeup: Thomas Orsolis
Best Model: Iris Strubegger

Between these bestowels there have been three fashion shows, one by Don Gil, one by Anelia Peschev and one by Eva Poleschinski. Well I do not want to waste my words on something as irrelevant as the Don Gil fashion show because it was only a copy of Diesel and actually quite boring and uneventful. Anelia Peschev’s collection somehow looked like someone injected silicone into her outfits. Btw – did anybody call Elie Saab during the show? I guess someone did steal his designs. My friend Eva showed her new collection for the first time in public and well, besides the fact that the clothes are not quite my style, I really and honestly have to say that I do not like her collection. It was way too unwearable for my personal taste, and I know I have a good taste. Sharp, classical and elegant.

After the show we went off for the aftershow party which took place in one of Vienna’s top hotels/restaurants – the Le Meridien. And it was not just quite extraordinary, but also quite funny and cool. The music was nice, the people were, well fashion people who are not nice [just a myth I love!] and the drinks flew like the danube. When I got into taxi it was 2:15 a.m. and I was quite drunk, but happy and in love with fashion just like I am all the time – but this time I found a new goal to achieve – I am going to get one or two of these Awards in the next five years.

I just simply know it – so wish me luck and love my new collection!



P.S.: All pictures are taken by my wonderful friend B. – Brigitte Mair. Thank you for being there with me taking my orders. You are such a talented woman!



  Reggie wrote @

sounds like you guys had a lot of fun 🙂

  Mr.StrictlyIntimate wrote @

oh yes- we definitely had!


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