the Life, the Love and the Sex of Vienna.

Animalistic, Sexual and on the Hunt

Well, we all know, that sex can be something very beautiful, recreational and inspirational, at least if someone knows how to do it right – or/and if it happens with the right person. I know a lot of people that have more sex with different kind of men or women than Samantha Jones in her six season and two movie Sex and the City career, but you know, to them sex is something more animalistic and somehow like a hunt for trophies and a healthier self-confidence – though to me it actually only seems to be a promiscuous way of trying to not get emotionaly attached to anybody.

To be straight with you – I haven’t had sex for a very, very long time, but you know what? I don’t even long for it, if I know that the right person for exchanging passion and lust is not there. I need to feel something to really have a sexual commitment to anybody. There has to be a connection between me and the person I give my body to. Do you know what I mean? I do not want to be pidonholed just because I am gay and everybody believes in gay guys only fulfilling the stereotype of a TV show or a myth that exists since the gay community officially exists. Though there are so many gays out there that do not seem to believe in love, marriage or a lifetime commitment with ONE single person I have to speak out for those like me who are definitely not a compared to the stereotype of a gay man – sexually free minded, with the emotional range of a tea spoon. Don’t get me wrong – I had sex before, of course I had, many times, but I came to a point after some times where I told myself that these times weren’t enough in an emotional kind of way. There was too less feeling and too much animalistic ways of letting go on drive. I need to feel at least a little bit for my sex partner, to give him everything I have.

Unfortunately most men are like animals – they want to have sex anytime and everywhere. But not every single man is like that. I, for example want a man with good manners, a perfect taste and an own opinion on the world, an own point of view. I need someone who is self-conscious and confident, honest and affectionate, passionate and following his dreams. I like intelligent, wise men that are true to themselves and true to their environment – one hundred percent. I do not need a man that thinks with his balls and acts like a complete dickwad with a lack of emotional intelligence. I want fire, I want love and I want THE one.

So if you are out there Mr. Right [and I know you are!] then please send me an email. I know you are somewhere and one day you are here with me.





  TurnJacson wrote @

Wow, i totally agree with what you’re putting down… Very well put

  Mr.StrictlyIntimate wrote @

Thank you very much, glad to know, that others share my opinion! 🙂


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