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3 Memories of Dedication, Admiration and Love

Usually I am not the type of guy that lives in between the memories of his past and his own remembrance, but still there are some times, every now and then, when even I feel a sentimental rush of looking back to my childhood memories – though mostly they weren’t as lipglossy and rosy as I wish they would have been – but hey, every human being has some issues.
So I thought about writing down some things I loved when I was a child – some things that might make me appear a bit freaky, but still they did define me in some kind of ways because they have made me to who I am nowadays.

Childhood Memory #1 – my Sailor Moon world: Truth be told [those who know me more than just from my blog or the cover you might judge me from know this one already] and though some might think of it as a little embarrassing fact, I have to admit that I admire Sailor Moon as much as I admire Victoria Beckham, Anna Wintour or a Birkin Bag [gleaming black croco leather with silver tarnish!]. There is no Manga and/or Cartoon that inspired me as profound as this one. A fighter for love – believing in the human race with every inch of her loving and caring heart, which is a silver crystal in the shape of a rose [really dramatic but I love that] and never giving up on her faith for peace and love and friendship. Hey this is real life here. So no complaining or criticising. Sailor Moon is the greatest. Dot.

Childhood Memory #2 – Cerruti on my grandmother’s neck: Whenever I have been sad I loved to be huged by my grandmother. Having her arms around me, my head on her shoulders is one of my most beloved memories and still I love it. Love huging her and telling her that I love her for everything she has done for me – for everything she helped making of who I am now. Inside I thank her for every minute laying my head on her shoulders and smelling the wonderful scent of Cerruti perfume on her neck, knowing that this is comfort and love and dedication and admiration.

Cerruti 1881

Childhood Memory #3 – the Kenzo memory: This memory is actually not my own, but of a new friend called Anjuli. I know, there should be one of my own, but right after I heard her words, I had to decide to write about this lovely, moving and beautiful little story. Her mother used to wear a wonderful Kenzo scarf with elegance and dedication. Very often, so her own personality and spirit somehow where given to the scarf. During her pregnancy with Anjuli her mother wore the scarf and a picture was taken of one of these precious moments, where Kenzo sheltered mother and the unborn daughter that grew up to be a beautiful daughter. When Anjuli turned 12 her mother gave the Kenzo scarf, that was a part of her soul somehow now, to her as a gift and since that day, this special Kenzo scarf never leaves Anjuli’s side – which shows the dedication, admiration and love for her mother.

Do you, my dear readers, hold such memories deep inside yourself? If you do, keep them safe and never forget them. They are what makes you who you are.

With all my love.




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