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a long Day and a fast Car

Tracy Chapman - Fast Car

Tracy Chapman - Fast Car

Today I was at University taking a photography class with one of my most favourite teachers. Some of the pictures I took will be online shortly, of course after reviewing and retouching them – I am a professional and I do know that no model wants anybody to see their blemishes.
After that B. [I talked about her many times before, she is one of my best friends] picked me up and we went out for a hot chocolate and a strong coffee before we attended a yard sale at someone’s place, which was totally freaky, unnecessary and such a waste of time, that we were gone after about 20 minutes [maybe even less].

For a couple of hours M. [Matthias – I think I can name him here, unless I am not gossiping about him] and I have been working on a very secret project which will be official and lauched soon enough for you to know. My father picked me up and we went out eating something and talking just like father and son should do – well, sometimes at least.
In the car on the way home the radio played a song, that is one of my all time and most beloved favourites. It is actually quite a simple song in its melody, but the lyrics touch the heart – and the voice of Tracy Chapman always sets me off the ground and transports me in right into another reality, where nothing is the same and where I realize that nothing is actually as right and perfect as it should be. At this point of time I think we should thank Tracy for talking about things others are afraid off, for standing up in times where no one had the balls to stand up and talk about a revolution – just as she did. Thank you for being you – incredible, unforgettable and inimitable.

You got a fast car
I want a ticket to anywhere
Maybe we make a deal
Maybe together we can get somewhere

Anyplace is better
Starting from zero got nothing to lose
Maybe we’ll make something
But me myself I got nothing to prove

You got a fast car
And I got a plan to get us out of here
I been working at the convenience store
Managed to save just a little bit of money
We won’t have to drive too far
Just ‘cross the border and into the city
You and I can both get jobs
And finally see what it means to be living

You see my old man’s got a problem
He live with the bottle that’s the way it is
He says his body’s too old for working
I say his body’s too young to look like his
My mama went off and left him
She wanted more from life than he could give
I said somebody’s got to take care of him
So I quit school and that’s what I did

You got a fast car
But is it fast enough so we can fly away
We gotta make a decision
We leave tonight or live and die this way

I remember we were driving driving in your car
The speed so fast I felt like I was drunk
City lights lay out before us
And your arm felt nice wrapped ’round my shoulder
And I had a feeling that I belonged
And I had a feeling I could be someone, be someone, be someone

You got a fast car
And we go cruising to entertain ourselves
You still ain’t got a job
And I work in a market as a checkout girl
I know things will get better
You’ll find work and I’ll get promoted
We’ll move out of the shelter

Buy a big house and live in the suburbs
You got a fast car
And I got a job that pays all our bills
You stay out drinking late at the bar
See more of your friends than you do of your kids
I’d always hoped for better
Thought maybe together you and me would find it
I got no plans I ain’t going nowhere
So take your fast car and keep on driving

You got a fast car
But is it fast enough so you can fly away
You gotta make a decision
You leave tonight or live and die this way

Close your eyes and enjoy the right in the fast car right beside Tracy and her guitar and me in the backseat typing these lines and thinking about running away but staying in my fast and rapid moving life.



P.S.: Good news – funny news that made me laugh on saturday, when I heard them. N. actually did receive a written admonishment by our boss. Reason? Well she was just being stupid, but hey by now you should know that this is just the way N. was born – stupid, naiv and promiscuous.



  TurnJacson wrote @

This is a incredible song, had the pleasure of seeing her perform this live… Amazing

  peek-a-boo wrote @

I too had the pleasure of seeing Tracey Chapman in a small intimate concert awhile back.She’s special and I absolutely love ‘East Car’.
If you’ve ever lost someone you loved madly this song ‘The Promise’ might have you shedding a tear….

  Mr.StrictlyIntimate wrote @

oh my dear peek-a-boo how are you? I did miss you actually quite a lot!

I love ‘the Promise’. it is so deep and truthful and honest and catching and sad and always makes me feel like crying.

It is pure emotions. I would give my all to see Tracy perform it live.


  peek-a-boo wrote @

Liebling R I’m fine but I’ve been so busy with work thank you for asking.
I was also stuck in Italy the past few days due to the Volcanic ashes thing that’s closed major airports here.No trains or buses or even cars to hire either as they were all full up.My bf had to drive to Italy to fetch me home yesterday.

I knew ‘The Promise’ might hit a string of emotion in you after what happened with your ex.All the pain & hate in the world cannot fully erase the memory of loving someone.
I’m sure you’d have goosebumps of pure admiration for Tracey should you get the chance to see her perform one day.The simplicity of her voice and a guitar is spellbinding.
Take care R! xoxox

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