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an Artist, a Vernissage and Paintings with emotional ambivalence

Today was quite a very long day at university, but you know one has got to do, what one has got to do in order to become famous and irreplaceable in fashion industry one day – and let me tell you one thing straight away, my first real collection as a designer is going to blow you off your seats – better fasten your seatbelts. Although I would love to talk about my collection and its meanings and my inner motivations and its content, I have to keep this up for later and come up with something more interesting for today’s blog post – a vernissage.

my most favourite painting at the vernissage

my most favourite painting at the vernissage

Actually I am always quite unassured what to expect when attending a vernissage where so-called, self proclaimed ‘artists’ show their material, but this time it was kind of different, well, not only kind of – it was indeed completely different. As I entered the room with my dear B. [all pictures again taken by her] I felt some kind of good vibe and connection to the scene though I was completely new to the crowd, but the vibe was there and I was able to concentrate on the pictures, paintings and sculptures, which impressed me quite a lot.

In my mind the whole scenario had the right kind of atmosphere and personally I believe, that the paintings harmonised perfectly well with the heavy raining conditions outside those sheltered artful walls. After taking my time trying to interpret every piece of painting and sculptural work I decided, that it was time to talk to the artist and to let B. take her pictures for me. The artist himself Gert Resinger, a student at one of Vienna’s most famous universities for fashion, art, photography and design – die Angewandte – turned out to be a very down to earth, shy and nice guy in a very good outfit: a white shirt with a skull on it, a dark blue waistcoat with a grey lining, beautiful anthracite coal coloured wool trousers and shiny black shoes, which was both a pleasant surprise and the perfect evidence, that not every artistic personality has an affection for dressing as if being homeless.

the Artist himself - Gert Resinger

the Artist himself - Gert Resinger

Gert and I talked a little bit about his art and the deeper meaning behind his work and I think with his inputs I understood it a little bit more, but still I left some space for my own interpretations. Gert told me, that his paintings and sculptural work was all about emotions, emotional characters and conflicts. He actually does not want to set a general subject matter to his work, because he wants to leave space for others to interpret his paintings and sculptures free-mindedly and open-mindedly. Gert loves to experimentalise with colours and materials and different textiles, which doesn’t mean, that there is no concept behind his working processes, because he told me, that he knows exactly how the final result has to be, but still he likes experimentations with shapes and different materials.

Unless this is my blog this is actually my personal space to free my mind and you know, that I am always honest and straight forward, no matter what comes up. Well my own interpretations told me that these artistic work was all about emotional fights, inner monsters and social ambivalence – and yes, I barely say that, but I did love it. It was profound and it worked for me just by looking at it. When something seems just right, it is right. Completely. Definitely. 100 per cent.



P.S.: If you want to visit the Vernissage here is the address: Kunstraum – Praterstrasse 15, 1020 Vienna, Austria. Opened from April 15th to April 30th 2010, Thursday to Saturdays from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. – have fun and enjoy.


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lmao sweet story bro.

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