the Life, the Love and the Sex of Vienna.

those who i truly love

I know that I have been quite lazy with writing and posting and kiss’n’telling, but to be honest right now my life seems to be all about university and my bachelor degree – which means no private time, no time for love and even. No time for my best friends, whom I haven’t seen quite a very long time now [about two maybe three months]. It is indeed very exhausting, but it is my life. It’s all about sacrificing those things that are the most important to you in order to become who and what you want to be one day.

We all know that friends are important and that they keep you alive or down to earth, but those who are real friends give you time to develop, work and fulfill your dreams without pushing and pulling – even though they haven’t seen you in months.

So this one goes out to my real friends, those who understand my priorities, those who take me damn seriously no matter what others say or believe and those who are there, just there to be a mental support. I belong to you no matter what comes up. I love you…honestly and truthfully.




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