the Life, the Love and the Sex of Vienna.

one year and one big THANK YOU

Well, well, well…this has been quite an outstanding, fascinating and extraordinary year my wonderful readers…one year full of sparkling gossip, fabulous fashion and love, love, love.

It was today one year ago…the 8th of may, when I started this blog having in mind to talk about my life as open as necessary and as honest as possible. Let me thank you for this year…so thanks to those who are a part of my entries, stories and happenings such as bitchy N, wonderful B, beautiful M, wise J and overwhelmed E – who seems to be too full of herself to be taken any serious these times.

Thanks to those who supported me throughout the development of this blog – especially sweet M who helped me a lot with good advices and her unmistakeable knowledge of bloging.

Thanks to all the people that I was able to become acquainted with at special parties, bloger meetings, fashion shows, showroom openings and so on.

Let me tell you… I am madly in love with this blog and i will not stop writing…never ever…and you can take me damn serious.





  Joé wrote @

Happy bday Mister S. 🙂 u did a good job during that year

go on with it

  andyfera_fashion wrote @

wow .. very nice blog
I was greatly assisted on his information
Thank you very much

  peek-a-boo wrote @

Congratulations liebling R! I’ll bet you didn’t see the year go by so fast. Keep up the good work & enjoy yourself. Its time to celebrate!

  Mr.StrictlyIntimate wrote @

Thank you very much everyone – time to celebrate. I love to write and I will go on as long as it is possible.

Love you 🙂


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