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beautiful, elegant and graceful – the Lady Dior

the immaculate Lady Dior bag

the immaculate Lady Dior bag

You know what people, the media and a lot of movies use to say: ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend!’ – well I have to admit that it is true but nothing actually really can mess with a bag more beautiful than any shaped diamond could be. One of my absolute favourite bags is unfortunately only for women, but because of the fact I cannot have it, I have to write about it in order of feeling a bit closer to it – the Lady Dior Bag.

At the Cezanne Art Exhibition which was sponsored by Dior Corporation in 1995 at the Paris Grand Palais Mrs. Chirac has sent Princess Dianna a new model of the newest Dior handbag as a gift of honour. Afterwards the label gave this special model the elegant and graceful name Lady Dior. This bag has become one of Dior’s basic mainline handbags.
The Cannage pattern used by the Lady Dior handbag, which is geometrically grid stitched onto supple lambskin [the stitches are dedicated to the steel pattern on the Eiffel Tower, which is of course the most known French monument], together with its Dior’s charms enable this bag to become an immortal legend among all the bags in the world and of course in design history.

Lady Dior variations

Lady Dior variations

As the new face of Dior [since 2008] Marion Cottilard is the perfect vision for presenting the Lady Dior as what it actually is – a shining symbol of femininity, elegance and grace.

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

For me the Lady Dior bag is [besides the Birking bag of course] one of the most marvelous, most beautiful and most exclusive bags in fashion history. It-pieces are those that survive years, centuries and trends without losing their shine, their image and their elegance. Nothing is more fast moving and more fast-paced than fashion – that’s what even those know who are not in fashion industry, but what I know and what everyone else should be aware of, is the fact that fashion is the only thing we all have in common – we live in it, we feel it on our skin and we are surrounded by it. Every single day. Every single time. Until the very end of our life.

I love this world. Fashion world. It is perfect. It is complicated and simple. It is inspiring. It is special. It is what it is – wonderful.





  peek-a-boo wrote @

Totally agree with you about he Lady Dior.Chanel & LV can be rather vulgar often but the Lady Dior is just the right balance of understated chic & modernity.
Btw I read somewhre that The Birkin bag no longer has waiting lists which must certainly taint its exclusivity in some ways.
Unfortunately I can’t afford any of these wonderful bags so I make do with what I can at the Mall or when designers do affordable lines at H&M or TopShop etc.That’s life LOL!

  Mr.StrictlyIntimate wrote @

Oh I knew you’d share my opinion on that one. The Lady Dior is just a marvellous one of a kind piece of elegance and heroinism. She’s a perfect, immaculate, flawless woman full of passion, independence, self-consciousness and effortless style.

I promise you one thing my dear – once I am rich you will get one of these marvellous bags and you can choose color and size. It will be my gift for being my most honorable follower and reader – which I totally appreciate more than you can actually imagine.


  peekaaboo wrote @

Danke liebling! I’m so touched & believe in your sincerity.I also believe in YOU R.Your determination & creativity is so impressive.Apart from your designing skills I don’t know why but I also see you in the future as a major fashion critic & writer in Austria & Germany.Your essays are always seductive,precise & correct.
If ever I have kinder one day I’ll be so happy to tell them that I knew you before your huge success & how we chatted & bitched on your blog LOL!

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