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the new Vogue Issue

Claudia by Vogue - German Issue June 2010

Claudia by Vogue - German Issue June 2010

Holding the latest German Vogue in my hands while sipping my black, sugarless coffee I have to point out that the disappointment of this week do not stop coming. I guess after Dior Vogue had to be the next mess. I sit here and scan through the pages and all I can see is Claudia, Claudia and oh yeah – Claudia. Not necessary to say that I think it to be kind of lame creating a complete issue with one single model – just like before with Heidi Klum [German Vogue Issue June 2009] or before her with Claudia again [German Vogue Issue June 2008 – though this one did not only feature Claudia all by herself] – yeah, right – what a groundbreaking issue.

Heidi by Vogue - German Issue June 2009

Heidi by Vogue - German Issue June 2009

Sex by Mario Testino - German Issue June 2008

Sex by Mario Testino - German Issue June 2008

Slowly I start to wonder if the fashion industry is in a bad shape when it comes to come up with new ideas, new mottos, new inspirations and new motivations. Let me tell you one thing guys and girls and dolls and boys – wake up. In times of bloging and SMM [Social Media Marketing] time is floating away even faster and the magazine market is being taken over one step at a time. I love magazines – there is nothing as wonderful as scanning through pages, feeling the paper, holding the marvelous pictures and reading it over and over again, but it is about time to take the bloging era serious by now, because blogers start to rule the fashion world. Do you want to get swept away?!



P.S.: Don’t worry, I did not loose my passion for Vogue, but the German issues are getting worse and worse and I happen to think it is time to get rid of Christiane Arp and switch positions.



  Mia wrote @

It’s a terrible issue, but guess what: everyone’s buying it. I just don’t see what everybody else seems to see in Claudia. There are so many other talented, beautiful models out there. Why do we always have to watch dinosaurs like Karl and Claudia at work? I’m sick of it.

  peekaaboo wrote @

Ugh I don’t like Claudia’s Vogue cover either.I haven’t seen the issue but I take your word for it.Are Claudia & Heidi all Germany & Austria have to offer?Or is it just laziness and safely resting on their laurels of bestsellers.
What about Diane Kruger & Julia Stegner or Diana Gartner & my fav at the moment Iris Strubegger?
Your right R the fashion industry must be in a bad shape with all this repetitive covers and lack of inspiration or element of surprise.

  Mohamed Schau wrote @

Heidi Klum is one of the best models that i have ever known. Her beauty is of course very unique and her body is even more awesome.

Have a great day!

  Mr.StrictlyIntimate wrote @

Heidi Klum is no model – she is a product who tries to sell other people as her co-products. She can’t walk, has no sense of style and the way she presents herself to society is just ridiculous!


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