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I create Fashion the way I want to!

A dress made by myself - Photography by Tom Binder, Model: Katja Wagner, Makeup: Marion Pail

A dress made by myself - Photography by Tom Binder, Model: Katja Wagner, Makeup: Marion Pail

After being criticised for my style of designing and creating fashion by various colleagues at university – behind my back, of course, I have decided to point out the motivations of being myself and designing the way I do – with my own signature and my own thoughts on how I do what I do the way I do it – simple and true.

To me, fashion is something that develops unconditionally, constantly and continuously – it is something that gives you strength and confidence, helps you to transport a certain message of attitude, emotions or inner motions – it is something that helps you to underline your character and strengthen every facet of ones personality. It is something that accompanies you 24/7 – in the morning when you wake up, at lunch time when you meet your girls or boys, in the evening when you go out shaking or having a cocktail or if you attend a fancy invitation. No matter how you feel or what you are about to do – fashion is everywhere around you and I do not delimitate fashion to haute couture or ball gowns and ties and jackets. Fashion is what every single human being defines for him- or herself. So guys and dolls who talk behind my back – shut the fuck up and let me do fashion my way, because that is what I love and live and dream! You want to be taken the way you are – even if you just try to be haute couture and crossing borders and frontiers and lines, even though you know quite well that you are playing games and pretending to be something you are not in order to gain acceptance and respect and in order to reach the limelight and spotlight before everyone else. Well, I can say, that I am proud of what I do the way I do, because I am real and even if it is quite elegant and classic and formally inspired I can stand up being proud of who I am because I do what I have always dreamed of – I do fashion the way I have always wanted it.

A dress made by myself - Photography by Tom Binder, Model: Katja Wagner, Makeup: Marion Pail

A dress made by myself - Photography by Tom Binder, Model: Katja Wagner, Makeup: Marion Pail

The motivations behind my designs are not just symbols and inspirations of romanticism, elegance and classicism – I want people to be able to wear my clothes and feel perfect in them. I want them to put on a dress created by me and suddenly knowing that it is the perfect dress because of the fabrics and the thoughts on the design and above all because of what you feel wearing this dress – I want self confidence, self consciousness and I want people to have their own style. So mix my clothes to haute couture or vintage or second hand or whatever you feel, but wear it with dignity and gracefulness – because that is what my fashion is all about and I screw all the comments being spoken out behind my back from foolish people that are not even confident and strong enough to speak out criticism right into my face. Screw you and all your damn behaviour. I love myself and I love what I do!

That’s it. Swallow it.




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  peek-a-boo wrote @

You do realise don’t you that in all probability there’s jealousy behind the bitchy remarks behind your back by your colleagues.
Follow the road on the fashion map you’ve set up and remember the bumps on the road will only strengthen you and add fuel to your determination.
Thanks for pix of the outfits you’ve posted above.Especially the black dress.It looks absolutely gorgeous as is the model Katja.

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