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Fish & Chips, Twice Please?! and Azubi 01 – a view on Fashion

Fish and Chips, Twice Please?!

Fish and Chips, Twice Please?!

I have just returned from a wonderful evening with my beautiful friend Kathi. We have been at a Vernissage about British fashion in Museumsquartier which has been done by one of my most beloved friends Alexandra who looked sensational tonight. In this vernissage, which is called ‘Fish and Chips, Twice Please?!’ you can see fabulous British fashion creations by Nicholas Krikwood, who is at the moment one of the most brilliant shoe designer of all times [he was doing various collaborations with Rodarte and Chloé], Emma Bell, fashion designer and fashion writer and many, many more.

I actually had a very good time there and afterwards, when Kathi and I went out to eat some ice cream with two really nice guys called F and M where we discussed fashion and life. On the way home I have been reading in the catalogue I have taken with me from the vernissage and as I scanned through it, I have found a wonderful article from my dear friend Alexandra, which I want to type here in order to let you know of her brilliancy:

‘Every time I hear people talk about Vienna, they speak about everything except fashion. The Austrians don’t know how to ress and the Austrian fashion scene – if there is an actual fashion scene – is dead. That’s the common take. BUT time changes, and with proects such as Fish and Chips, Twice Please?! Vienna is on the best way to build a strong fashion-related reputation. With British names such as Emma Bell, Louise Gray and Nicholas Kirkwood, in combination with local contributors like Tatendrang or the Tingel, Tangel DJs, an exchange takes place that has never been there before. Vienna, London. London, Vienna – an axis of creative flow that once opened will never stop!

Fish & Chips
Schnitzel & Vogerlsalat

Design & Culture
Tradition & Moderne



Get it?
[by Alexandra Bondi de Antoni]

It is almost 1 in the morning and there are only a couple of hours left until our fashion show is going to start and let me tell you one thing – I look so forward to it, because it is going to be great!

Fashion Show - Azubi 01

Fashion Show - Azubi 01

In collaboration with French Encens Magazine and our fashion design teachers Wally Salner and Johannes Schweiger, who both form the label ___fabrics interseason, three bachelor years of fashion students put together their collections in order to complete 31 looks on 31 models, which has been titled Azubi 01.

I hope to see you all there at the Wittgensteinhaus, Parkstraße 18, 1030 Vienna and wish you a wonderful good night.





  peek-a-boo wrote @

I would love to be there but alas I can’t.Days like this I wish I was Austrian.
Wish you a huge success R & don’t forget to post pictures here!
I’m not very Gaga but I love this at the moment.The video is fabulous.

  Azubis 02: Upgrade to Another Level? « Mr.StrictlyIntimate wrote @

[…] my most favorite professors back in my old days at Hetzendorf when I was a fashion student myself (remembering Azubi01?). I kind of got taken back in time remembering all the emotional boosts and all the hard work done […]

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