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Prefall and Winter 2010 – Burberry [yet, again?!]

In order of getting closer to fall and winter every single day I had to check the next fall/winter fashion trends for men and women to make sure my wardrobe has the ideal size to put another coat and tons of trousers shirts and trenches in it – because with what comes up I have to spend a lot of money on looking preppy and perfectly well. So you may wonder – why on earth does he check women styles to – well, not only because I am a designer myself, but also because I want to make sure I can send my sister immaculately dressed into this world to start her days and follow her dreams.

My first choice this time would definitely be Burberry – I know, you may think ‘yet, again’ and I would dare say ‘yes, because Burberry style is eternal and lasts forever’, which is shown in Bailey’s new prefall and winter 2010 collection.

And great news for ending this post – there is something I have waited for about nine years to come up – after Chanel and Dior and Yves Saint Laurent Burberry finally launched their very own and very first make up line and I am so happy, so excited and so ordering everything as soon as possible!

Enjoy the Burberry sides of life.




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