the Life, the Love and the Sex of Vienna.

the worst Prada ever.

source: http-_www.10magazine.com_blog_wp-content_uploads_2010_08_Picture-15-500x360

source: http-_www.10magazine.com_blog_wp-content_uploads_2010_08_Picture-15-500x360

What is it that God always seems to save the empty and the ugly? Why is it the labels that survive international financial crisis that do not constantly work out to show great creations about this or last season’s fashion? Why is the failure seemingly always the successful?

Once in fashion history class [- when we had our old and much better versed directrice in Fashion Institute than the new one that does not have the slightest clue about what looks good on hips like that – really, getting a stylist obviously doesn’t always help polishing an image and for sure simply reading Vogue doesn’t qualify you to lead a whole school – sorry mademoiselle K, seems like you failed on that one just like Prada did on their last say five to six collections.] we discussed Prada as some kind of topic of fashion relevance and my former professor used to say ‘Either you love Prada or you just hate it.’ and let me tell you one thing – I have loved it before, I have even used it but now – I hate the Womenswear [it’s really obnoxious] and I hate the women’s bags.
It might seem as if Miuccia loses either her drive or her surname slowly but faster than she might feel by herself.

source: http-_www.wonderlandmagazine.com_blog_wp-content_uploads_2010_08_py3-300x265

source: http-_www.wonderlandmagazine.com_blog_wp-content_uploads_2010_08_py3-300x265

The new Prada Yo-Yo bag crosses the lines of the acceptance and taste and jets right over to the bold, the ugly and the ultimate fashion suicide. Sorry Madame Prada but with this creation you must have been a little bit out of your mind here. Did no one tell you that cheap looking materials do not sell on high fashion prices or are you just overestimating your own capabilities?
Horrifyingly designed and cheaply assembled every single of these bags look like a fake deluxe and believe me usually I can smell a fake purse from Taiwan over to Vienna. This time the little children’s hands did not seem to work properly or are you really serious about these horribly made stitches?

source: http-_www-theglassmagazine-com_forum_uploads_51_02_337.jpg

source: http-_www-theglassmagazine-com_forum_uploads_51_02_337.jpg

source: http-_www.wonderlandmagazine.com_blog_wp-content_uploads_2010_08_py1-300x278

source: http-_www.wonderlandmagazine.com_blog_wp-content_uploads_2010_08_py1-300x278

Better get a new sack of inspirations – I guess the old ones do not work anymore and the name of Prada doesn’t give you a lifetime immunity. For now, it seems to work. Let’s see for how long.

Get your hands off of these bags.





  Mia wrote @

Womenswear war immer unerträglich. Aber zum ersten Mal finde ich die Tasche nicht hässlich! ^^ Vorher haben sie ausgesehen wie Fakes.

  peek-a-boo wrote @

R I totally agree!
That YoYo bag is just so fugly & even looks like a pig’s face.I wonder if Middle eastern buyers noticed that?
Its just a personal opinion of course but another bag I can’t bear to look at is that hideous Celine luggage tote that seems to have created waves recently.Waves that drown me.It looks like a silly face & the zip looks like a tongue.Ugh!More than 5000euros!

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