the Life, the Love and the Sex of Vienna.

Oh, oh, oh…

…Mr.StrictlyIntimate had a bad, bad comment in his spam filter. Oh what a shame.
Sender? Unknown. Any suggestions? Plenty. Maybe an angry, old man with lack of working competence? Or an ex- bff who may have read some comments about her on my blog? Who knows?! Well, who fucking cares as long as it is entertaining?

‘An Mr. Strictly
Hast Du am Samstag keinen Maiskolben im Supermarkt gefunden und deshalb wieder zu Silikon greifen müssen? Wen interessiert der Scheiss mit dem Blindtext?
Kümmere Dich lieber darum, Dein selten hässliches Blog etwas lesbarer zu machen und verschone uns mit diesen entbehrlichen “Ich-hab-einen-Fehler-gefunden” Meldungen.
Lern lieber mal rechtschreiben, wie wär das?’
[Cleaner – Mail known.]

FYI – which is basically known as For Your Information – your words, well, lame. My reaction – well, triumph. At least I know what my readers want to hear and that’s the good stuff man so go shave your back now, shut the fuck up and lock yourself into a wardrobe so no one has to stand your words here. Oh and btw – maybe you haven’t noticed, but you read the blog too honey and I wrote the entry on a Friday and not on a Saturday – next time make sure you can read a watch and a calender.

All the best.





  Kathmo wrote @

Amusing 😉

  Cleaner wrote @

still shaving my back…. your reaction ist more than boring, so maybe i should add some new comments? about your senseless blog? how many readers you have? 3? 5? how is it, if you watch the statistics and realize, that there are just a few freaks around looking to your out-of-date stories? my dear, hopefully more ppl will have time to waste with your ZERO-content blog.

and now? how is your back? do you have somebody filling it up day by day? or is it like i mentioned before? a self-entertaining biz?

my poor and funny humpti-dumpti wanna-be fashion expert……

i heard you sold about 3 t-shirts in 2009? whats about your selling in 2010? increasing?

  Cleaner wrote @

no, let me be fair. you do a great work and your blog isnt that bad… lot of nice beautiful pictures and products has been announced here – so just let us be cosy in this issue and forget about what i said before. sometimes i just want to be bad. now i want to be nice.

PS: if you are still looking for a “maiskolben” anyway, go to Merkur…. the have. strictly BIG

  Mr.StrictlyIntimate wrote @

To be honest – I do not give a shit about your damn lame opinion Mr. whatsoever.
You are actually nothing to me so shut the fuck up and oh yeah go to hell.


  Cleaner wrote @

Aha. Sure! I could not know, that you was born around the slum area, so sorry boud that! Possibly you never had the chance to acquire appropriate behaviour?Cause your bluff manners are as scruffy as your blog is designed…

I understand you, it maybe isnt easy to realize, to be a poor messy nobody, simply another lost soul looking around for a maiskolben in order to become satisfied – right? But why even a maiskolben dont want to enter your dusty sticky “one-way-only” backdoor?

bag your ridiculous blog when you leave to road zero….

i already miss you now…

my valued pitiful mr. strictly nothing

  Mr.StrictlyIntimate wrote @

Well your poor and cheap words show what a poor and cheap character you actually are. If you think your words hurt a single bit, then I have to disappoint you – the only thing that hurts is your missing style. Because the way you write is neither stylish nor cool nor anything but boring, pitiful and yes, sad.

I just commiserate with you.


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