the Life, the Love and the Sex of Vienna.

Sometimes in life…

In life you often do the wrong things or say the wrong words or share the wrong secrets or feel the wrong emotions or behave the wrong way in a lot of situations and well, you mostly realize you have done wrong after it happened. And then it often can be too late to notice what one has done.
In life you often come across making wrong decisions about the future or about the dish in a restaurant or a person you irrevocably fall in love with or a path you have to choose or a simple direction – either it’s left or right or right through the middle – but it never turns out to be the right way, in the beginning.

Sometimes you do wrong and you do not even realize it.
Sometimes you do wrong and you do realize it.
Sometimes you do wrong and you wake up in the morning regreting everything you have said the night before.
Sometimes everything just falls apart in front of your eyes and it truly is your own fault even if you neither want to realize it nor want to be responsible for it.

In life people often lie. That’s a fact we all know for sure. But mostly the one we are lying to is ourself, the one we fear the most to be alone with, the one we often can’t stand in the mirror in front of us, the one we sometimes hate without having an equitable explanation for it. Sometimes we lie and sometimes we should better lie and sometimes we should tell the truth – well, mostly in my opinion, but who cares about my opinion here?!

Sometimes you have to get your ass up to realize you have done wrong and apologize – even if you’ll have to apologize by yourself. Just do it. Nothing wrong can became right if you do not realize what you have done. If you want peace, if you want love, if you want a happy life just be honest and say what you feel.

Say you’re sorry and mean it. Say you’re angry, if you are. Say you’re hurt and devastated, humiliated, torn, tattered, split in one thousand pieces but also say when you are happy and satisfied and glad and in love. Just say what you think and you will never wake up in the morning regreting a single word, if you are just honest not spreading reproaches because you are jealous just ask if something is wrong and hey – in the end it will turn out the way it has to turn out.

Just wake up and realize that doing wrong is wrong. Every human being fails sometimes but at least some of us do not need to pretend having done perfectly well, but standing tall and admiting ‘hey, okay I’ve failed…so what?! In life, I get one thousand chances if I try hard.’

So try hard! Get your ass up, stop whining and celebrate every fucking wonderful moment of this life – you only have it once. At least with this body and this mind.




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