the Life, the Love and the Sex of Vienna.

‘Helden von Morgen’

Is that what Austria is really searching for? A bunch of people that neither can sing, nor can perform nor do have the slightest idea of what a ‘superstar’ actually has to look like?

Well – if that is, what Austria is searching for, then we can be lucky to have the 14th worst singers in the world in this country pretending to be hip, cool and oh so talented. Sorry but that definitely went wrong. Austria’s new casting show ‘Helden von Morgen’ is the worst produced, rotten sung and horribly hosted by Doris Golpashin. I actually always thought Mirjam Weichselbraun was the worst hostess in the world, but then miss Doris comes along and my view on the world changed from one second to another.
First of all, her dresses are way too short – sorry girl, but noone cares about having a look at your meatcurl [in German – ‘Fleischvorhang’]. Can you please apply a little bit more clothes on your body? And btw – your shoes yesterday [29.10.2010] definitely did not match the dress a slightest bit. Maybe you get yourself a new stylist honey? Oh yes and get yourself an acting teacher because you are neither funny nor a good hostess. In fact you are pretty damn lame.

Please put some clothes on Madam...

The singers…well, if you can really call them so.
Jonathan Reiner, Katharina Aigner, Sabrina Brandhuber, Julian Heidrich, Samira Dadashi, Dave Reismann, Silvija Bogojevic, Daniela Marx, Cornelia Mooswalder, Sara Nardelli, Chris Schaller, Massimo Schena, Lukas Plöchl – thirteen of the worst Austrian singers/talents I have ever heard, seen or wasted my time on. Well, actually one is quite good – Massimo Schena – the rapping candidate is, in my own opinion, the most talented kid of those thirteen unnecessary, nondescript and replacable bunch of wannabes. Sorry people but if you really do believe you have the slightest piece of any kind of vocation then it is not singing and definitely not performing oh and btw – Mister Lukas Plöchl – your song ‘Oida Taunz!’ shows that this country must be full of dumb rednecks without any kind of taste. Please do me a favour and shut the fuck up forever – no one really wants to see you.

I am actually quite disappointed that this country, my hometown has such a modicum of taste and style and that all we have to offer as an enemy to other casting shows like ‘The X-Factor’ or ‘American Idol’ with winners such as Leona Lewis and Kelly Clarkson is ‘Helden von Morgen’ – well, if we accept Mario Soldo as a judge in this show then this country must be at the end of its ressources when it comes to relevant show talents.

So lame. So dumb. So sad. But well, that must be the Austrian dream of becoming a star. Good luck with it – dumbasses.



PS: Photo taken by Trice.



  Kenni wrote @

omg.. wie recht du hast mann .. könnte jedes mal kotzen wenn ich die sendung sehe .. vorallem diesen SOLDO und seine komentare .. die DORIS ist wohl die SCHLECHTESTE moderatorin die ich JEMALS gesehen hab … und von den sängern kaum zu sprechen .. ” OIDA TAUNZ ” ist wohld as LÄCHERLICHSTE was ich seit langem gesehen hab und noch lächerlicher ist, österreich ihn weiter gewählt hat. wie du richtig sagt hat der andere “rapper” als einziger talent und DAS ist kein österreicher sondern ein deutscher..

ach und btw… was ZUR HÖLLE macht SIDO da ? braucht der kohle oder warum ist er jetzt so peinlich und spielt den COACH ?!?!?!?!

  Mr.StrictlyIntimate wrote @

Definitely true – I can do nothing but join your opinion. Truthfully spoken – just the way I do.


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